Jesus was led by the Spirit to the desert. There Jesus is waiting for us. The Lenten Season is the desert of silence, the solitude of everything, even in the midst of a hectic life, in order to encounter Him.

“I will lead her to the desert, and I will speak to her heart” (Os 2:14) in silence… God always “speaks” to the heart. Whatever is created is an expression of Him. Every creature, its existence, is a manifestation of the Creator. The Infinite Word incarnate told us: “Father” and He taught us to speak with Him. The reading of these thoughts will lead us to the certainty that God does communicate with us and that we live in communication with Him more that we think indeed.

«Manifestación del Increado»


Dios es el Increado en su serse Creador, en su serse sempiterno rompiendo en Explicación.

¡El Increado…! El que se es el Ser… el Ser que, por serse a una distancia infinita de todo lo creado, se es… ¡Sólo de Dios puede decirse que se es! […]

¡Oh Amor…! ¡Amor increado, en infinitud de distancia de todo lo creado…! ¡El Increado…! ¡que no tiene palabras humanas para expresarse adecuadamente…! ¡Él se expresa en su expresivo ser, rompiendo en Explicación…! […]

En el Antiguo Testamento Dios hablaba a sus profetas. Cuando Dios habla con palabras humanas, se vale, para que nosotros le entendamos, de la criatura palabra.

Dios tiene distintos modos de comunicarse. Cuando se comunica con palabras, frases u otras formas, se vale de sus criaturas como medio para expresarse, para que éstas le entiendan. Pero tiene también otras maneras de comunicarse, aunque siempre que se comunica bajo una forma, figura o concepto, etc., lo hace valiéndose de lo creado. Y entonces no se puede decir que hable Dios al alma directamente, porque la comunicación directa de Dios es aquélla en la que el Ser increado, desnudo, en su sustancia, se deja sentir en la sustancia del alma, en voluntad de comunicación explicativa. Ese es el hablar de Dios a su modo.


         God’s speech in the soul, is the infusion of His divine wisdom into the innermost part of our being, enlightening our understanding of the whys and wherefores of His being and acting. (19-4-77)

         Near Your cross, how much I understand! Infinite Word in silence…! eternal Word, why are You silent…? You are not silent; You speak dying in silence! (19-1-76)

         The Lord needs to communicate His secret to us, to tell us His life, to sing us His infinite love, and that is why He wants us to be with Him, listening to Him and giving Him our love; thus He will do His work in us and, through us, in souls; but do not forget it is not you, it is He Who will do it. (1-2-64)

         When I remain silent, I begin to lose all earthly things, and I feel myself introduced into “there” in sacred gentleness; and little by little, I start to notice a silent concert, breaking into voices from the Eternal, in infinite love of loving communication. (3-2-76)

         My life of faith becomes full at the foot of the tabernacle. This is where the mystery of God is given to me, in the savouring and calmness of the intimacy of silence. (14-9-74)

         My silence is life, is a foretaste of Eternity, is a thrumming of concert, a softness of mystery, a loss of all which is from here below and a tasting of the fullness of that which is beyond. (18-8-73)

         What silence that of God in His Bosom…! What silence that of the Word in the Eucharist…! What silence that of Love within the soul! and in what great silence must the soul listen to Him…! (1-2-64)

         Love likes to dwell alone in the soul. That is why, when there was silence, Love uttered Himself; and when Love utters Himself to the soul, there is silence. (1-2-64)

         Let us go to the silence of our tabernacles, to the one of our hearts, to the silence of Mary’s womb and to the silence of God’s breast… And “there” we will know the innermost secret of Christ’s mystery, that encloses God and man, all that is divine and created, for Christ is the infinite and created fullness. (22-12-75)

         How sacred it is to know, in silent savouring, that the Eternal He-Who-Is dwells in us and we in Him, through our participation in all that He is, in our tiny soul! (31-3-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)