The gifts of the Holy Spirit are always necessary to live the realities that regard the spirit.

The Holy Spirit alone can make us rejoice in Mary’s Assumption to Heaven in body and soul. He alone can infuse that sublime knowledge, that light into our minds, that silence, that adoration, that respect and that love that this mystery deserves.


“Our Lady went through life with the agility of lightning”

“Assumpta est Maria” who raises into heavens, triumphant and glorious, with secure and majestic gait. Her soul is white, without anything to prevent Her from flying towards the Mansions of God’s Kingdom.  […]

The Virgin went through life with the agility of lightning, without lying on the earth’s mud, without her immaculate soul gathering even a speck of dust, without feeling in herself the concupiscences which have been the consequences of the breakage of God’s plan.

For this reason, when arriving at eternity’s frontiers, her body, united to her soul in perfect union of indescribable embrace, and without any inclination other than that of the soul totally taken, possessed and saturated by God, was brought by her soul to eternity in that glorious day for the Lady, at the end of her pilgrimage. Her soul attracted, raising it with itself, the body, and made it cross through the unfathomable abyss which sin had opened between God and man, without feeling even the slightest impediment.

The Virgin’s Assumption was so gentle, so sure, so as though divine, that sin’s consequences which death had caused us were not experienced by Her at that glorious moment.

The Lady all White of the Incarnation did not have anything to relinquish; there was nothing that inclined Her to earth; neither in her body, nor in her soul, any desire other than a continuous and loving ascension towards the Light.

[…] God’s original plan to bring man towards himself with body and soul at the end of his pilgrimage, takes place in Mary so perfectly, that She is brought to eternity body and soul to receive the reward which her divine Motherhood deserved according to God’s will fulfilled in Her in each and every moment of her life.

Mary’s soul, always with its wings extended, is the perfect expression of God’s will fulfilled in men; for that reason, at the end of the exile, her soul carries her body with it without having to experience the burden that this means for the whole human race.

Mary’s body was, we could say, so divinized in all its tendencies, its desires, its sensations, its inclinations, so much! that it was all wings, the large wings of an imperial eagle! prepared with God’s strength to pass gracefully from earth to Heaven. […]

Mary ascends…! She ascends among the gleams of the eternal Sun, under the protection and the affection of the Holy Spirit, protected by the Father’s embrace, and impelled and attracted towards heaven by the Word’s voice…

How will man’s thought, warped and obscured by his own sins, be able to understand the mystery of Mary at each and every step of her life…?! How will the mind, blinded by pride, be able to discover, to fathom and to perceive the calm lake, possessed by Divinity, of Our Lady’s soul all White of the Incarnation…?!

One has to study Mary, like all God’s mysteries, in the light of the Holy Spirit, under the influence of his gifts and impregnated in his fruits. And how will the man who never knew of the Holy Spirit be able to possess his light, to know how to think with his gifts and will enjoy his fruits?! […]

Mary was raised body and soul to heaven because there were in Her the necessary gifts to fulfil completely each and every one of God’s plans in his original will before original sin; and She was also a perfect assimilation of redemption’s plan, which, as a consequence of sin, the infinite Love carried out for man.

[…] What an ascension that of the White Virgin! Mary is assumpta because She is a fountain replete with Divinity, a spring saturated with infinite life and the perfect fulfilment of God’s will from the beginning to the end of times.

Mary contains in herself the double grace of being conceived without original sin, by the anticipated merits of Christ’s redemption, and of receiving that same redemption like an oasis of motherhood in such an assimilation, that it is able to give God in her, by her and through her, the possibility to saturate all men with Divinity.

Therefore, what would the Virgin’s body do among men suffering the consequences of sin? Of the sin Christ had redeemed, for this reason, and through the same redemption, He had made a glorious man rise up!

Mary was raised body and soul to heaven because She was created without original sin and because Christ’s redemption made Her the new Woman, through whom, by the Word’s Incarnation, all of us are raised towards eternity, just as through Eve all of us were dragged into sin;

through Eve the abyss between God and men was opened; and it is through the new Eve, already promised in the earthly Paradise, by whom all of us who want to adhere to the New Man and to the new Woman immense eagle wings will be given us to cross, behind Her, because of our engraftment onto Christ, the frontiers of eternity. […]

Penetrated by the light of the Sublime, I have contemplated Mary ascending in the impulse of the infinite Love, in the embrace of that same Love, in the sweetness of his caress, in the impetus of his murmur, rocked and enshrouded by the veiled concealment of the Sancta Sanctorum of the infinite Trinity…

Mary was raising into heavens… She was raising…! And what an Assumption…! Only adoration, silence, respect and love, were the simple, overflowing and overwhelming way, with which my soul, exceeded, knew how to respond, in my poverty, to that splendorous spectacle of the Assumption into heavens of Our Lady all White of the Incarnation.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “MARY CROSSED THE ABYSS”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 5)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Sancta Sanctórum”, recorded on January 17th, 1989 (press PLAY):

At Bethlehem, at Calvary and in her glorious Assumption into heaven, Our Lady’s greatness is manifested, which comes to Her through the Incarnation’s mystery in the fullness of Christ’s priesthood. (25-10-74)
The brilliance of Mary’s greatness makes the true face of the Church glare; therefore, whoever may want to fill himself with divine wisdom, in the precious amphora where the very Wisdom became incarnate, in order to manifest himself in glares of holiness, through the copious outflow of his explanatory Word, must go to Mary. (25-10-74)
How much love we must bear for the Virgin…! The suns of the Holy Spirit must break forth into the Church’s bosom through Her, in order to dispel the dense fogs that shroud the new Jerusalem. The Virgin is the one who gave us and gives us Jesus, and, through Him and with Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit, who is light of infinite glares that, through the Lady, wants to burst into the Church’s bosom with the splendours of his infinite loving wisdom. (16-6-75)
Mary is the Apostles’ Queen, because the most apostle is the one who has the infinite Word the most, and nobody has the Word that comes out of the Father’s Bosom, burned in the Holy Spirit’s love, like Mary; for this reason, the Mother of the Church is the Queen of the Apostles. (21-3-59)
What an immense love I have for the Virgin…! At her memory, I feel terrible longings for crying, out of gratitude, tenderness and love. How I like to call Her : Mother! one and a thousand times! (8-8-70)
The measure of motherhood lies in the donation of life. And Mary, who gives me the Infinite himself, what kind of mother is She…!? (24-12-63)
Lady, you are enshrouded in the infinite whiteness of the eternal Virginity and immersed in his impetuous flames which incline You to the little ones with the gesture of a caressing Mother! (27-3-62)
How pleasant it is to rest in the Virgin…! She is Mother of the defenceless, and of those who suffer; because, since She is the Mother of the beautiful Love, She is also a giver of love with maternal tenderness. (16-6-75)
Lady, burst now with the suns that enshroud You, from the Church into the world, and be our salvation, for we perish…! Do not abandon us…! “Turn your eyes of mercy toward us” and show us Jesus! (16-6-75)