Let us Christians around the world turn our gaze joyfully to Mary, especially during this month of May, allowing her to lead us, like a shining lighthouse, in our lives.

But, where does Mary’s greatness come from? It derives from her divine Motherhood.

She was created by God to be associated, in a wholly singular way, with His plan of Redemption; that’s why Our Lady becomes a unique means by which we are able to receive the divine life.

But if God wanted to give Himself to mankind through Mary in the Incarnation, what grace could there be that God refuses to grant us through Her? Let us go to Mary with filial confidence.


“Mary in God’s plans”





         Mary’s greatness comes to Her from her divine Motherhood; and, as She is the Mother of Christ, who is the Mystical Body’s Head, She is also Mother of each and everyone of his members. (18-4-69)

         Our Lady was created and introduced into the divine plan to be Mother of Jesus and to be close to Him; that is why, God granted Her a knowledge so great about her own Son, that she adhered to Him in a union so one, that her will was captured by the Infinite. (9-1-65)

         Is there anything on earth greater than love, more resplendent than virginity, more beautiful than motherhood…? In Mary all this takes place at the same time in the highest degree of perfection, having it, keeping it and being the containment of this triple reality what makes Her be the Virgin Bride of the Holy Spirit who, by the kiss of her infinite Consort, breaks out into divine Motherhood. (24-12-76)

         Insofar as God takes Mary for himself, each one of the divine persons brings it about in his personal way: the Father calls Her my Daughter; the Word, my Mother, and the Holy Spirit, my very much beloved Bride… Mystery between God and the Lady all Virgin, all Mother, all Queen, all White…! My Mother, how much I love You! (7-12-74)

         The Virgin is the means by which the Father says his Word to the Church, the Holy Spirit hands it over to her, and the Word can die crucified for her. (14-11-59)

         The measure of motherhood lies in the donation of life. And Mary, who gives me the Infinite himself, what kind of mother is She…!?

         Let’s imagine on one side the Trinity living its life; on the other side humanity; in the middle Mary. One of the three divine Persons -the Word-, comes to the Virgin’s bosom and unites himself to a humanity, bringing with Him the Father and the Holy Spirit. This humanity grafts onto itself, mysteriously, all men. And, so, in the Mother of God, the realization of the great mystery of the Church begins. (12-1-67)

         As Christ’s priesthood, from the moment of the Incarnation, was a compiler of all times, a giver of life to all men and was perpetuated during all the centuries, so Mary’s motherhood, from the moment of the Incarnation in the fullness of this mystery, by the engraftment of all men onto Christ, holds the embracing possibility of containing all times with all men in each moment of their lives, under the influence of her motherhood. (25-10-74)

         How much love we must bear for the Virgin…! The suns of the Holy Spirit must break forth into the Church’s bosom through Her, in order to dispel the dense fogs that shroud the new Jerusalem. The Virgin is the one who gave us and gives us Jesus, and, through Him and with Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit, who is light of infinite glares that, through the Lady, wants to burst into the Church’s bosom with the splendours of his infinite loving wisdom. (16-6-75)

         How pleasant it is to rest in the Virgin…! She is Mother of the defenceless, and of those who suffer; because, since She is the Mother of the beautiful Love, She is also a giver of love with maternal tenderness. (16-6-75)


“The Lady Appears”


When the problems of life hound,
the Lady appears shining, in my mind,
as light in my way,
as torch in a terrifying night.

And my longing seeks in Her
the conquests of the glories of the Immense,
since She is a welcoming Mother,
who protects with the powerful strength
of the Eternal One.

My prayers are trust,
and in her zeals palpitating
of maternal caresses
I am leaving all I have,
and I rest rested with the fruits of her breast.

She is a Lady with immense power,
who, as a co-redemptrix Mother, being Virgin,
snatches the loves from the living God.

My conquest lies in Mary’s arms,
because She shelters me, when I implore
in request of clamorous silence.

Today my soul is afflicted
by the palpitating wound of the Church;
and I have looked at the Lady,
who has said to me with nobility:

Don’t be afflicted
by the projects that expire
with the men of this earth,
your resource is on High;
with the creases of my cloak I shroud it.

I am the Mother who obtains
in virginal power
whatever I want from the living God,
since He made me Lady of the heavens,
in his infinite design.

Trust, don’t hesitate,
your things I obtain.

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Opusc. 5 “Mary is a wonder of grace