The experience of those who love and defend the Church shows how much effort it takes to keep Her standing upright, even though She overflows with divinity and is the light of the nations. We all remember the blunt words of the then-Cardinal Ratzinger during the Way of the Cross in 2005: “Lord, your Church often seems like a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side.”

These are words that explain the overwhelming prophetic manifestation of the present topic regarding the situation of the Holy Church of God. Something which –even if it’s a crushing situation due to the hardness of the present times– far from transforming Mother Trinidad into “a prophet of misfortunes,” turns her into a luminous dawn of that certain day of the re-emergence of the Church, when all will be able to see in Her face the very countenance of God.


“Church of mine, beloved Church,
Bride of the immaculate and unblemished Lamb,
tha hour of the power of darkness has fallen upon you”


I want to expound one of the things that the Lord has shown my soul regarding these most sad, dramatic and demolishing situations that the Church experiences because of the continuous attacks of the enemies of this Holy Mother and the unsuspected and innumerable infiltrations into Her bosom.

On October 18th of 1978, overcome by grief and overwhelmed by fright, I wrote in my spiritual diary:

“I am afraid of the enemies of the Church that are infiltrated into Her…

In the Church, I have also seen… something like a huge ‘squid’! full of horrible tentacles, that spread everywhere; and that, when one went to see where they were hiding, this one released its ink, shrouding everything, leaving no room for discovering its secret and diabolic tricks.

Darkness and confusion invade us, they penetrate us everywhere; so that, where one least expects and who most unnoticed goes, is a great en-emy; perhaps holding an important and strategic position, to work like a ravenous wolf disguised with skin of a gentle lamb.

I saw such a horrifying huge squid…! […] ”

It was as though flattened upon the ground, by the enormous weight of its heftiness; and even though it moved at the same time slowly, but fe-rociously, its horrible tentacles, it could not get up even a few inches from the dust of the earth; coming to my mind the words of Sacred Scripture: “On your belly shall you crawl, and dirt shall you eat all the days of your life” (Gen 3: 14).

O what a monstrous squid my spirit contemplated; full of innumer-able tentacles, strong! thick! with hairs like barbs! while some diabolic, round, bulging, big, repulsive and restless eyes that gave off terror, moving all around very rapidly and fiercely, gazed, and gazed at me wishing to pulverize me and to make me disappear, if it were possible; hiding, maddened, envious, vindictive, and destructive, to demolish all that was within its reach like a steamroller. […]

It was the clearest expression of the devil, and he had insidiously and sneakily infiltrated into the luminous and wide bosom of Mother Church, full of holiness and shining with divine beauty and loveliness, as a mirror without blemish, through the possession of God Himself who penetrates Her, saturates Her, ennobles Her and bedecks Her; trying, maddened and furiously, to pulverize and to devour, flooding with the mud of its foul slough. […]

On the 10th of April of 1997 I manifested:
“Today, terrified and scared, I need to say that the greatest attempt of the devil these days, is to desacralize everything, to take away everything divine, to confuse the dogmas, making disappear from the mind and the heart of man and of the Christians the thought of God in his being and in his doing; making man with his problems and thoughts –that ‘are only puffs of air’– the end and centre of life, and even of Christianity.

Wherefore full of love for God, for the Church and for souls, I moan and I clamour, painfully and heartrendingly in the face of the rebellion of Lucifer and of man, become one with the Angels of Heaven: Who like God?! […] ”

Repulsive and hair-raising tentacles press and hide in themselves, under the tenebrous darkness of the black and thick ink that shrouds them, the diabolic deceits, full of machinations that fall upon Mother Church. […]

So that the Mother Church, –holy and sanctifying, divine and divi-nizing, replete with motherhood and covering Her rich jewels with a cloak of mourning for the sake of the children who, for not knowing Her well, left Her Mother’s bosom– might appear denigrated and as though tarnished by the sins of many of Her very children […] presenting the Church –full of youth and sublime beauty– dark and distorted, making fall upon Her a guilt that in Herself She does not have nor can have, for being so divine owing to Her royal Head, as tough human because of the heavy and hard burden of the sins of Her children, which make Her appear, to the eyes of those who do not know Her well and for that reason do not love Her, full of deformations, oldlooking, as though disfigured, and even tarnished: “a worm, hardly human, scorned by everyone, despised by the people” (Ps 94: 11) like Christ with His cross on His shoulders on the way to Golgotha. […]

On the 18th of February of 1975 I expressed:
“It is necessary that the Successors of the Apostles, assembled around Our all White Lady of Pentecost, ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon the Church, so that, enlightening their minds and inflaming their hearts, be revived, shining anew, the truth with all its truth which in the bosom of this Holy Mother is enclosed for all men.
And then, and only then! by means of the pouring forth and the might of the Holy Spirit, the confusion will disappear, the clouds that shroud the Church will vanish, and Her most beautiful face will shine. The might of the Holy Spirit will strengthen the Pillars of the Church so that, raising Her up from Her prostration, they should present Her before men, as in a new Pentecost, after Her apparent failure, as immaculate Bride of the Lamb without blemish, replete with grace and with virtue with the possession of God Himself in self-giving of loving wisdom to men.”

Wherefore this morning, the 19th of May of 2002, feast of Pentecost, during the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Altar, remember-ing what was previously mentioned, sheltered in the bosom of Mary, Mother of the Church, and become one with the Successors of the Apostles; in my breathless clamouring, and extolled for love for the Church, I repeated and repeated… full of love and of joy, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, the antiphon of the responsorial psalm: “Lord, send out Your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth”; “and reveal to us the full meaning of the whole revealed truth.” […]

Whereas I, only as the poor, very small and tiny Echo of Holy Mother Church, in repetition of Her unprecedented and dramatic canticles, and full of lamentations;
become one with the Holy Father and my dear Bishops, whom I love so much, together with the priestly and consecrated people and all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ; groaning grievingly and heartrendingly, with fear and trembling for those who, like Judas, for thirty coins hand over the Son of man and His Bride the Church, and there might come to fall on them the words of Jesus: “it would be better for them never to be born” (Cf. Mt 26: 24);
in unconditional adherence to the Successors of the Apostles and col-laborating with them in the essential mission that Christ entrusted to them when founding His Church; experiencing within myself the “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Jn 1: 23); vehemently and ardently I want and need to help them to prepare the ways for the day of the return of the Lord. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “CHURCH OF MINE, BELOVED CHURCH, BRIDE OF THE IMMACULATE AND UNBLEMISHED LAMB, THE HOUR OF THE POWER OF DARKNESS HAS FALLEN UPON YOU”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 16)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):

My Church, who will be able to console your pain…? You are “Rachel mourning her dead children”, those children who left the Father’s house… And in your Gethsemane, you also weep for the coldness, lukewarmness and lack of love of your consecrated souls. (14-11-59)
I am the “Echo” of the Church, because her living, her mission and her tragedy are the palpitating living of my soul- Church in an expression of echo. (4-5-75)
How sad it is to see the Church in her shivering Gethsemane, being sort of demolished by her own children…! How sad it is to see her like that…! How much I suffer…! But in that I find the consolation of a torturing immolation for the Church herself. (25-4-75)