Last Sunday, in the homily at the Year of Faith closing Mass, the Holy Father presented us the figure of Christ as “the centre of the history of the human race, the centre of the history of every man and woman” and “the centre of all creation, so that in Him all things might be reconciled.

At the end of this series of weekly publications that we have been posting during the Year of Faith, we want to present this beautiful writing by Mother Trinidad. It takes us into the depths of the unfathomable mystery of Christ’s soul and reveals what the mission and the fondest desire of the soul of Mother Trinidad are. Realities that she has passed on to us through this Blog in this year: “I have sung my song. I have fulfilled my mission as ‘Echo of my Church,’ repeating the deep feelings of the soul of Christ in the outpouring of His love for His own and in His need for a response.

We welcome it, therefore, as a beautiful crowning conclusion of the Year of Faith.

“How great and how little
is to be ‘Echo’ of the Church of mine!”


On the 19th, during the holy Sacrifice of the Altar, bleeding from pain in my spirit, I have looked at Jesus and I have understood as never before the reason for the depth of his life, of the helplessness of his sorrows and the tragedy of his heart… I have seen the greatness of the perfection of Christ’s soul. […]

What neglect on the part of men…! What agonies those of his heart! What love…! What a capacity, to be able to embrace us all and each one of us, at that same instant of his life, with all and each one of the loves or the ingratitudes of our lives…! But how wounded have I seen the soul of Christ…! How bleeding and sharp were each one of us in his spirit! I was horrified that Christ could bear such pain…! […] I have lived very profoundly the bleeding mystery of the unloved, unknown and neglected infinite Love; painfully penetrating into this sentence of the Holy Scripture, “I looked for comforters, but found none.”
What a tragic desolation that of Jesus on the cross…! […]

How many times during my whole life I have been introduced by Christ into his most holy soul, savouring, from tasting, his loving donation to men…! But never like on this day have I discovered that bleeding “point” of his spirit, where all and each one of men, as a sharp arrow in drilling penetration, are introduced into his depth.

Jesus is the “bleeding Cry” of the infinite Love in loving donation to men, and the response of man to the infinite Love. He is the “target” where the incandescent arrows of the infinite Love himself are thrown, and also the “target” where all men, who, like arrows, keep hitting Him in love or in pain, in self-surrender or ingratitude.

Christ’s soul, unknown…! Heart of Jesus, pierced, living receiver of love and ingratitude…! […]

All the life of the Incarnate Word on earth was a mystery of love and of neglect, of self-surrender on his part and of ingratitude on our part. […]

The Holy Spirit, impelled by the will of the Father, kisses the soul of Christ “there”, where each man is a living reality, lived and loved by our Redeemer… […]

He asks with urgent need for our response to his infinite love. “So that they may be one, O Father! as we are one” and that “where I am they also may be with me.” That they may be “there”, oh Father! in your bosom and in my bosom, so that they may be one with us in the love of the Holy Spirit.

But the capacity of Christ is so large, so perfect, so much, so much! that with all and each one of men He has this same experience in tragedy of love that surrenders itself and demands a response. […]

How I have understood on this day all that we were, each one of us, to his most holy soul…! And when seeing Him on the cross, like a rag, I also have understood that my sorrow was only a reflection of his, because it was the love of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of that torn love… […]

I have looked at Jesus and I have looked at myself… and I have again felt myself, not only the “Echo of my Church”, but the Echo of Christ’s soul. […]

Christ has turned towards the Father wanting to glorify Him, and has achieved it in the bleeding manner that in his human nature He could. But the Father, so that the pain of his Son in fruit of reparation for Him and manifestation of love to souls might be stronger, seeing the agony of his heart, has left Him in a silence of death…

Jesus seeks consolation in the Apostles, and also a silence of death has answered him…! How Jesus needed in those moments of pain, the spiritual and physical closeness of those whom He loved…! But, in the total display of his helplessness, He was alone…! There his Mother stood and the disciple whom He loved… Thus also my soul felt. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

How great it is to be “Echo of my Church”…! How great it is to be Echo of Jesus and of Mary…! How tiny is the echo…! solely and always it repeats… […]

I have fulfilled my mission as “Echo of my Church”, repeating the profound feelings of the soul of Christ in an overflowing of love for those who are his and in need of response. […]

The “Echo” of Jesus has repeated, in its tiny manner of being, something of the depth of the mystery of the Redeemer… And if the Holy Spirit had not come with a Spouse’s consolation and a healing of love, It would have died from anguish like Jesus at Calvary. […]

How great, how immense I have seen Christ…! How overwhelmed by his bitterness…! with what a need of response to his infinite love for his children…! and how lonely in the helplessness of Calvary…! […].

I am the “Echo of my Church” in all that she comprises and contains. I am an expression of her life, of her tragedy and of her Song, and for that reason I burn, in the contents of my tightnesses, for the savoury touch, delightful and intimate of the Holy Spirit. […]

How great it is to be Church…! If I, who am only inside of her her tiny “Echo”, feel myself only soul to live her in the contents of her tightnesses, what will the spring of her inexhaustible perfections be…?! […]

I no longer mind suffering even though it may be the neglect of those whom I love most…! but this is no reason for me to stop feeling my bitterness, my sorrow and my desolation… How will I be the tiny “Echo” of the soul of Christ, if I do not repeat his living in a song of love to all men? […]

Thank you for making me a tiny Echo of your contents. […]

Thank you, Lord, because I am not an angel and I can suffer with you your redemption…! […]

How much I have lived today…! How will he be able to understand, he who does not live his being-Church, what it is to be Church, and, inside of her, to be the “Echo” that repeats all she is, all she lives, all she holds inside and all she contains in the tightness of the mystery of God with her, in the content of the mystery of Christ and in the depth of the Virgin’s Motherhood… And all this within the range of the divine will, fulfilled by the impulse, the love and the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit…

Thank you, Lord, for having made me “Echo” of your whole mystery in the bosom of the Church!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


“MI MISION IS TO BE ECHO” (Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 3)

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