In the multiple spiritual communications of The Lord with Mother Trinidad, it astonishes us reading statements like this:

“God introduces me in His thought, and, in this way, speaks to my soul; the divine understanding is infused in my tiny understanding and I know what God is, what He says or wants… God speaks to me from understanding to understanding” (July 7th 1976)

The result of that is her clear-sightedness and depth when speaks about the great mysteries: The Divine Family, Christ, Mary and the Church…

But it also amazes us seeing the ways, sometimes so simple, with which God became her sole teacher from the beginning.

In the poem “My Model” she receives a teaching for her and her Work of the Church about how to look at and imitate Mary. God in His multiple communications “plays” with her and makes her capable of being master in the divine and the human things.

When the one who is writing these lines met her in the year 1959, he said to his friends: “I have met someone who has shown me an immensely more divine and also more deeply human horizons.”



“My Model”


An incomparable model…!
I saw it;
and in sparkles of purity
I contemplated it,
with a bearing so simple,
as to enrapture
my subdued look
in her modesty.

It was She, the Lady,
in simplicity,
who, as a delicate Child,
showed me
the model that, in her bearing,
I discovered.

She was Virgin and She was a Child in love,
who showed, in her purity
overflowing with splendour,
the blush of a maiden
by the affectionate breeze
of Love.

It was She, it was Mary
without doubting,
who said to me, in the model of her bearing,

Since then I had been wanting
to imitate,
throughout my life,
her innocence,
that captured,
when I was a child,
my attention,
when I knew that She was the model
that I ought to imitate.

She was a Child, She was a Virgin,
more simple than a flower.
And that was my model,
I don’t doubt it;

The Lord showed it to me,
in the first years
of my gift.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia