We must have probably wondered sometime: What is Jesus doing in the Tabernacle?

During the Holy Mass, a central moment takes place when the priest, raising in his hands the chalice and the paten, says: “Through Him, with Him, and in Him, O God almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, forever and ever. Amen”

The Church summarizes in these words the posture of Christ at the Altar. In the tabernacle this remains the permanent posture of Christ the Victim. This is the fundamental “priestly posture” of Christ.

Mother Trinidad identifies with this posture in the poem “My time before the Tabernacle”. It is the priestly posture of Christ’s soul that gives shape to the richness, mission and tragedy of Christ.


                                            “My time before the Tabernacle”


     My times before the tabernacle are
the preludes of the Eternal,
my joys of Glory,
my cravings for Heaven…

     My times before the tabernacle are
where, in mourning grieves,
I cry with my suffering God,
I collect His sorrows,
I perceive His martyrdoms
and I am consumed in His fires…

     My times before the tabernacle are
where my open spirit
receives the omnipotence
of the immense Powers;
it is there where I feel fruitful,
where I embrace the universe,
where I reach everywhere,
in order to fulfil the mission
of my thirsty spirit…
giving souls to God
by my mission as Echo
in the holy Mother Church,
immersed in Her mystery.

     In my times before the tabernacle,
permeated With the Immense,
I radiate throughout the world
the songs of my Word.

     My times before the tabernacle are
yearnings in torment,
for not finding the One whom I long for
behind the light of His mystery.

     My times before the tabernacle are,
whether in Heavenly clarities,
or in the sad darks,
those that fill the torturing caverns
of my chest.

     I seek God in the strange way
that He is given to us in the exile:
in the happiness of glory
or in winter solitudes…

     But it does not matter to the one who loves
with nostalgias of the Eternal
to wait day after day,
knowing that a tabernacle
is the gate of the Heavens!

     That is why I search in my life,
in my nights and my sorrows,
in my tortures of death,
in my bloodless martyrdom,
in my prolonged waiting
and in the night of winter,
when the frost covers me,
when hell attacks me,
behind the doors of the tabernacle
the opening of the Heavens…!

     What does it matters to me that I do not feel
in the presence of my open tabernacle,
if the torch of the faith,
as a lighted star,
utters to me that that Bread
is the glory of the Eternal…?!

     Therefore, search, son of mine,
with untiring efforts,
with death agonies
and even with hell tortures,
for long moments before the tabernacle,
although you only perceive,
in your pitiful suffering
within the darkness,
the tragedy of the dead God…

     Seek times before the tabernacle,
without looking for anything else but the Eternal,
waiting for nothing but Him;
knowing through the hope
that, eventually, the Heavens will be opened…!

     Do not get tired, because love
does not know discouragement!
Therefore, pray untiringly
before your open tabernacle,
where the Lord has remained
in a small Sustenance,
so that you may seek Him
with hopes in fire…

     Pray untiring, son of mine,
for my heart, wounded
by the voices of the Eternal,
today lovingly begs you
with my outcries in zeal…!

     Pray untiring, son of mine,
so that you may taste Heaven!
And pray untiring, son of mine,
giving consolation to Jesus.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia