We all want to have God’s Light, for with His “Eyes” everything is actually seen in the right perspective. If this is what happens with all common things, what it will be like to behold the Church with God’s self-same look and with His very heart?

Amazing is this piece of poetry where Mother Trinidad expresses, with certainty and deep knowledge, what it is that God Himself lives in regard to the divine beauty of the Church and the situation in which we Her own children put Her. It is indeed a heart-rending contrast that sakes and seizes any soul who feels to be Church making it live the glory and tragedy of the Church. Won’t it be possible therefore to comfort the Church?

“New Jerusalem…”

(28 – 04 – 1969)

Oh New Jerusalem!
if ever I could contemplate You
as on the day I saw You
as a bejewelled queen….

If ever I could see You beautiful,
triumphant and adorned,
as the Bride of the living God
being acclaimed by all….

Oh New Jerusalem!
my soul is torn apart
seeing You sad and tearful,
breathless and bent over.

I saw You dressed in mourning,
Your inner being had been pierced
by Your children’s runaway
who departed to other lands;

I saw You concealing your jewels,
dark and disconsolate,
but never did I see You
so sad and gravely offended!

Today I don’t know how to express
this what my soul feels.

It’s such a deep martyrdom
to see how You are being slapped,
by your children spat upon,
wounded and ill-treated,

in Your sorrowful journey
along this stained land,
that, if I didn’t know You,
I would believe You’re abandoned.

But no! God is zealous
for the glory of Her Beloved;
His love feels angered,
His gaze became irritated.

Oh what terror! even God weeps
when seeing my beloved Church….
And if God weeps while seeing Her,
how can my being not weep?

Also, my soul is zealous,
also it feels gravely offended,
also it’s walking, trembling
and feeling to be slapped!

Also… because I’m Church!
Church alone is my soul,
and Her mission is mine,
Her tragedy is in my inner being,

and the glory of Her name
is the glory that consumes me,
because I have no other joy
than to see Her glorified.

Oh, how sad is my Church!
Oh, if I could console Her
and see Her again
like a bejewelled queen…!

Oh, how wounded is my Church!
Ah, how sad is my soul!
But… if God Himself weeps,
how could I comfort Her…?

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia