In Mother Trinidad we can see how the clear awareness of God’s action turning her into ‘the Echo of the Church’ goes always hand in hand with the need to give to the Church, in the person of the Holy Father, everything she has received as a result of that very action.

From the earliest times she repeated –especially in 1959, when the Lord introduced her into His mysteries– ‘with all to John XXIII;’ words which she would later redefine with the expression “with all to the Pope”.

On the morning of February 3, 1996, St. John Paul II received Mother Trinidad in a private audience. During this close and warm encounter, she wanted to express to the Holy Father through a simple verse the mission of The Work of the Church, which many years ago the Lord had asked her to found: ‘The Work has to prolong me when I shall go to Heaven, by saying what I have “seen,” following God’s command, in order to expose in His Church how Christ founded Her, in Her essential mission sealed with Divinity.

We remember those days in this publication and the main steps of Mother Trinidad and of her Work of the Church in Rome.


An excerpt of the book

“Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

and her Work of the Church”


Mother Trinidad, “only the Lord guided and directed her” (Dt 32). Her confessors, even those who better understood her, limited themselves to verify the authenticity of that guidance.

But sometimes the Lord led her without her knowing momentarily the reasons and the end towards He was leading her. This is what happened in her last trip to Rome.

Impelled by God, and after a trip of many vicissitudes, she arrived in the city of Peter on the 25th of February 1993. There the Lord awaited to manifest Himself to her on the 7th of March in the splendour of his Divinity, and to give her new impulses of light and supernatural action. A new day was dawning after the dense night of a long and terribly painful illness in which “the Echo remained in silence, flooded with words”.

Also in the Prophets there were times of silence, that were like a different manner of God crying out to his people, maybe for not having heard Him at the appropriate moment.

After that visit from God, the Echo of the Church again resounded with a new tone. Above all she understood and expressed that she had already to remain “next to Peter’s See” to live and to die there. Her vocation carried her to that. For this she had come to Rome.

That impulse of the year 1959 of “with all to the Pope” would start to become a reality as only God knew.

Already in that year, among the very rich mysteries of the Church, God had shown her what Peter is and the position he has in the centre of his holy People, and He had infused in her spirit a profound union with the Successor of Peter, the Pope, union that she had to communicate to her children and to all Christians, because:

Only in the Church, where Christ is manifesting Himself through the Pope, the Truth is given in all its truth to the man who seeks it in the voice of the supreme Shepherd. (7-1-70)

The Church is a mystery of unity, and in order for her to be one in the unity of God, the Holy Spirit remained with the Pope and with the Bishops who, in union with him, proclaim the unity of the Church in her truth, in her life and in her mission.(22-11-68)

And already in April of 1959, after that flooding of lights from God, directed to the children of the Church, she cried out:

[…] If to everything I have in my soul the Church were to say no, were it possible, I would tear out my soul, because before being soul I am Church. (18-4-59)

Soon after arriving in Rome, the doctors discover a new invading illness that placed her in many instances at death’s door. Mother Trinidad maintains constant her Yes to the Lord and in the midst of the pain she rejoices knowing that her cross gives much glory to God; and that is the supreme end of her life: to give Him glory. Offered for the Church, her pain is very fruitful.

But in the middle of all that, the breath of God strongly impels her, and she writes and dictates in prose and in verse, and she records videos under an action of God that she cannot contradict. Her body is falling apart, but her spirit –as Saint Paul said– renovates day by day, and her fertility increases for the Church.

The word of the Lord is noticeably fulfilled in her: “power is made perfect in weakness”. (2 Cor 12)

And Mother Trinidad leaves all entrusted in testament to The Work of the Church so that it may maintain it and perpetuate it in the bosom of the Mother Church.

Finally, on the 3rd of February 1996, she is received in private audience by the Holy Father John Paul II, where she can place her soul, loaded with God’s gifts, in the hands of the Successor of Saint Peter, who understands and embraces this exceptional soul, who finds herself comforted, being welcomed by the Supreme Shepherd of the Church.

In December of that same year the Pope visited the Parish of Our Lady of Valme in Rome, entrusted to The Work of the Church. Mother Trinidad counted on receiving the Holy Communion from his hands and to have a brief meeting with him afterwards. But unexpectedly she became so ill that she had to be put to bed, offering to God this painful setback as incense burned for his glory.

When the Holy Father learned of this, he was determined to visit her himself in her bed of pain. He blessed her and consoled her with his hand and his heart of Father and Supreme Shepherd. Mother Trinidad cried out of emotion, humble and grateful. It was the 15th of December 1996. In this way the Lord turned her pain in joy. The Pope already knew Mother Trinidad and wanted to perform this highly significant act.

“The Echo of the Church” had been received by Peter and, next to his See, rested, consoled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

Only a desire remained that had been caressed by Mother Trinidad for a long time.

And one year after that visit, on the 20th of December 1997, the Holy Father John Paul II approved The Work of the Church raising it to pontifical law, and maintaining it in its singularity, without fitting it in any of the forms of consecrated life already in existence. What Christ had announced to Mother Trinidad forty years earlier, Christ’s Vicar formally confirms it. God is faithful!

There is no longer reason for Mother Trinidad to have to tear out her soul to obey the Church. The Church has said “yes” to her. And she was told this by him who “when he opens, no one shall shut, when he shuts, no one shall open”. (Is 22, 22)

“Next to Peter’s See”. An extract from the writing:
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