The sweetness and the exchange of love between the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Spirit remain unknown in this wild world of us that has lost the taste of purity, of greatness, of what is best for us.

These thoughts allow us to enter into the cooling streams of fire between the divine Spouse, the Holy Spirit, and the Mother par excellence, Mary. There is too much beauty enshrined herein for this land of us; yet, at the same time, these realities altogether belong to us because these are the dialogues of our own Mother and the Holy Spirit who, having been poured out on us, belongs to us.


«Our Lady of the Holy Spirit»



         I feel myself being melted with love for the Virgin, upon calling Her Our Lady of the Holy Spirit; because I see that everything that is brought about in Her, is due to the loving Embrace, in secret and silent murmur, of the Holy Spirit in His sacred passing as a Spouse. (19-12-74)

         What a most sacred idyll that of the Virgin’s soul, in sweet and tender colloquies of love, kept, venerated and guarded, in the most profound, secret and silent depths of Her heart…! (24-12-76)

      Such a beautiful romance of love takes place in Our Lady that Her Consort is the Holy Spirit Himself, Who, on kissing Her with the kiss of His mouth, makes the Virgin break forth into divine Motherhood. (24-12-76)

      Our Lady was the most beloved, the most Virgin and the most Mother. (24-12-76)

      Mary, Bride of the Holy Spirit, how beautiful You are in the delicacy of Your maternal virginity! Because You were Virgin, Mother; and because You were God’s Mother, Virgin in the sweet murmur of the Holy Spirit’s infinite love…! (22-12-74)

      The greater the virginity, the greater is the supernatural fruitfulness; for this reason, what kind of virginity would be Mary’s, whose fruit is the Incarnate Word Himself and, through Him, all souls! (15-12-62)

      Holy Spirit, I want to love Mary with the love that consumes You for Her… The Father and the Son also rest in You when they love Her; I can rest only like this: by loving Her in Your tenderness, affection and gentleness. (19-12-74)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Opusc. 5 “Mary is a wonder of grace