Not even the sharpest poetic genius would be able to discover – as Mother Trinidad does in these thoughts – within the mystery of Pentecost, whose Solemnity we are about to live, the romance of love between the Holy Spirit and His Bride, the Church.

Only with the same Gaze of the Father can we penetrate this Mystery. Only with the very Song of the divine Word can we sing with such beauty and depth this Mystery. And it is only “the loving impetus of the overwhelming power” of the Holy Spirit that can seize the soul of whoever reads these texts and bring it to such a deep degree of knowledge and enjoyment of these realities.

And this dazzling light full of spiritual nourishment is for you! God gives it to you because you are a son or a daughter of the Church. Enjoy it!


Day of Pentecost…! On it, the three divine Persons, swooping in the loving impetus of Their overpowering current upon the nascent Church, kiss Her, ennoble Her, beautify Her and so divinely fecundate Her that, She who formerly was fearful and with no divine science, today, due to the invasion from above, is full of wisdom and strong as “an army in battle,” at the contact with the infinite and virginal kiss of the Holy Spirit. (21-5-61)

Ever since all Eternity, the Holy Spirit is burning in infinite longings to swoop upon His virgin Church, to fecundate Her with the fire of His love. (21-5-61)

On the day of Pentecost the Church has been like a bride virgin, who, at the loving contact with the kiss of the Holy Spirit, Her virginal bosom was fecundated in such fullness, that by this divine invasion She was made Virgin-Mother of all souls. (21-5-61)

Pentecost… day of silence, of prayer, of wait and, as a fruit of the effusion, of embrace between the Lover and the beloved. Love, how beautiful have You made Your bride the Church by the loving thrust of Your divine kiss! (21-5-61)

The Holy Spirit descends upon the Cenacle to be outpoured on the Apostles as Fire of light and love… and all of them, inebriated with His infinite charity, burst forth into a singing explanation of the divine life that Christ brought us from Mary’s bosom, so that they, through their priesthood, might communicate it to all souls. (21-5-61)

On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit illumined the darkened and confused minds of the Apostles, so overwhelmingly, that they broke into relishing wisdom of communicative expression, in light and love of divine science. (14-10-74)

The living of the first Christians was to follow the impulse of the Holy Spirit, under the shelter and direction of the Apostles; who already knew very well what they were to do and say; they relishingly knew the Spirit of God because they lived in the familiar and intimate contact of His closeness. (21-5-76)

How clearly I experience that the soul who lives on God, in receptiveness of loving response, is able to say with the Apostles: “It is the decision of the holy Spirit and of us…!” (25-4-78)

How relishingly I understand with the penetration of my lowly understanding, in deep wisdom, that the Holy Spirit be the soul of the Church, through the experience that, in the core of my being, I live, on being impelled, moved, taught, set aflame and fortified by the Infinite Spirit Himself! (25-4-78)

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are ways by which God communicates Himself to the soul, infusing into it the light of His mysteries in wisdom that breaks into fortitude, and pervading it with the pacific joy of the gift received. (27-10-75)

The word that goes forth from the mouth of God does not return to Him void, because the Spirit makes it be fruitful and bear fruits of eternal life. (25-4-78)

When the Father’s Word is pronounced within my soul in His infinite will for me to break into song, it is the Holy Spirit who stirs forth in my breast opening me in order to receive the self-gift of the Eternal and making me break, in the love of His fires, into a song of living Church to men. (25-4-78)

In the history of humanity three predilections has God: His chosen People, His holy Church and the bride soul; and the Holy Spirit crowns the three of them with the divine effusion of His light and fire. (26-6-61)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia