Love brings about life, joy and peace. We are all capable of loving. The greater our love, the greater our inner life. It’s only when we love God that we possess Him and then our souls are filled with Him.

Our contact with God during a time of peaceful prayer fills our spirit and quenches the hunger our souls always feel for God. Prayer is like the kind and generous rain poured out on the parched soil of our souls that eagerly await that life-giving gift from above. How at ease we feel when we see how our souls are filled with God!

Prayer and love give life to our souls, real life!

21 – 06 – 1974

”Lover of loves”


Strange and silent I walk in life,
without harbour to anchor my navigation;
I wait untiring my day of Glory,

to saturate myself with the light of the Sun.

Deep are my sorrows, replete my joys,
serene and tranquil, full of hope.
God knows the centre of my requests

and the agonies of my containment.

I long, in clamours, for immense fullness;
I sigh, in wait, the return
of The One who, in colloquies of deep secrets,

calls to me in sacred love words of tender song.

Slow and deliberate are the silent steps
of my route in gift.
I seek, untiringly, the serene eyes

of The One who, long ago, revealed Himself to me.

I know that God is sweet as I perceive Him,
tender and compassionate, overflowing love,
full of tenderness for the loving soul

that knows how to surrender to His request.

He is also fearsome when, in the volcanoes
of His opened bosom, He springs up
in eruption,
arises in blazes that ignite my chest

full of splendour.

Live coals are the zeals of his wounded chest,
when, extolled, demands impelled
all the creases of my heart;
nothing yields to anybody of all that, dying

for me, He conquered!

He demands everything because He is
the Gift of gifts,
the famous Fighter, the great Battler;
therefore, he whom He manages to catch
in His live coals,

is His trophy that He never gave up.

Lover of loves, come and get Your conquest!

My soul is Your gift!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

3 – 05 – 1973

“Why, if I pray, I feel full…?”


Why, if I pray,
I feel full,
and I yearn
for nothing and seek nothing

that I have not inside myself…?

Why, if I pray,
I fill the longings
of my waits,
I satisfy my hungers,

I relieve my sorrows…?

Why, if I pray,
my soul Church
spreads out much,
that it fills the world
with the splendours

of Your presence…?

Why, if I pray,
I do not need
to say in phrases
Your experiences,
because I extend

with Your influence…?

Why, if I pray,
the soul feels
with deep urgency
for being humble,
for being better,

for being perfect…?

Why, if I pray,
I feel men
so close to me,
that it is You Yourself
whom I discover

behind their presence…?

Why, if I pray,
my whole sight
which is so vile,
becomes divine,
and understands everything

with Your ways…?

Why, if I pray
and here on earth
my soul wonders,
when I rest
by Your doors,
I find the Heaven

that repletes me…?

Why, God of mine,
why at Your doors

I feel full…?

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia