God has wanted to associate us with Him in the “governance” of creation. He counts on us along with our positive or negative co-operation. This co-operation involves our being faithful in a dual sense: fidelity in what depends on our performance and fidelity in what has been entrusted to our prayer.

For souls intimately united to God, when the Lord does not want to grant something to them it is because that is not fitting for His plans, which is why, sometimes, these very souls feel not inclined to ask for it.

Prayer is all-powerful: “Whatever we ask the Father in Jesus’ name…” – that is, according to Jesus, according to His eternal plan – “… it will be granted to us.”

When we do not get what we ask for, our prayer is not barren and we don’t have to feel empty-handed, rather God integrates that prayer with His eternal plans in a way that is known to Him alone.


Chapel of The Work of the Church in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)


“Prayer is all-powerful”


All that God is, in Him is infinite reality by His adherence to Himself. Man is image of God, and possesses Him to the extent that he adheres to Him.

That is why, to fill the plenitude of his being and his acting, he ought to tend irresistibly towards God, sole end for which he was created. And when he does this, he lives in the fitting in with his reality, is happy and gives perfect meaning to all his being and acting.
Therefore a man who does not tend towards God is a deformed being in creation, outside of his centre and unfitted in with his end; he is an odd being. […]

God has countless graces dependent on our prayers; since, on grafting us on to Him, He gave us a priesthood capable of snatching the infinite treasures from His breast and pouring them out for all men; and in the exercise of this priesthood we make ourselves fruitful and life-giving within the Church.
Mysterious priesthood that makes our lives brimming over in the fullness of Christ’s possession in relation to God and in relation to men. To the extent we have God, we communicate Him through our mystical priesthood, lived ‘between the porch and the altar’. […]

How great it is to pray, and how few discover it. And that is why, so many graces are held back, and so much divine will is not fulfilled amongst men. Therefore, in the ages of the Church when Christians pray more, their apostolic irradiation is more supernatural, more certain, more extensive, more fruitful; since ‘all that we ask the Father in the name of Jesus is granted to us.’

‘In the name of Jesus’; that is, according to Jesus, according to His eternal and supernatural plan, whereby He has wanted to associate us to His infinite donation to our very selves by means of prayer.

God decided in His eternal plan to give us as many graces as we needed in common and individually in the Church’s bosom. And He gave them to us; but He wanted us to go and seek them with a contrite spirit and a sincere heart; Therefore, if we do not seek them, we do not find them, and we lose them. […]

Today I have understood, in an new manner, in a tiny flash of light, in a sharp penetration of this truth into my understanding, that when things go wrong, normally, it is because, on not turning towards God, we do not do what we ought to do, and we do not obtain what we ought to obtain; since in prayer one not only learns what one ought to do and one obtains what one ought to obtain, but the understanding is enlightened in the discovery of God’s plans and of His will for each and everyone of us. […]

That is why, when man loses his contact with God, sole end for which he was created, he no longer is what he ought to be, and, acting accordingly, does what he ought not to do, or how he ought not to do.Then: vocations do not arise, the missionary life languishes, humanism takes possession of the hearts and confusion invades us. Because, where will the human creature find the true meaning of his being and of his acting, with the authentic wisdom to illuminates his existence, if he loses contact with the One who is the Light of his eyes and the Way of his journey…?

How peaceful, how sweet and how calmly I have grasped today that God’s heart does not change! It is full of eternal mercies, aflame in infinite longings pouring out in torrents of loving light over us, in our being and our acting; but awaits the simple tendency of our lives towards Him, the rapturous petition of our prayers, to give Himself, granting us all that which, in the name of Jesus, we ask Him for. […]

HOW GREAT IT IS TO PRAY…! Because to pray is to be with God. And, can there be anything greater for the creature than to get in touch with his Creator…? […]

I am Church, and, in accordance to my priesthood, I need to be, ‘between the porch and the altar’, receiving the Infinite One to communicate Him to men, and gathering together mankind to present myself before God with all of it, imploring, with a simple and loving petition, to pour out His will upon each and everyone of His children. […]

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Prayer is all-powerful”

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