In God His family life is essentially a Trinitarian mystery of divine communication. In the case of God His communication gives life and so we call it communion; and God rests and rejoices in His perfect and complete communion and communication.

Because we are God’s children we also need to communicate and live in communion. In our case, we perceive this need as quite unfulfilled due to the inability of our limited capacities to be and live, wounded by our original sin. Besides, this disability increases in an exagerated way when we feel not only the need to express what we are and live, but also what God is and lives. Which is why Mother Trinidad says in this poem: ‘If I succeeded…’ in expressing Heaven, but I cannot!

Yet, in her inability, she expresses it, indeed!



“Should I succeed…”


Should I succeed in saying,
in my pitiful expression,
this which I feel in my depth,
when I sink in my Heavens…!,

in that ineffable joy
that, in the Incarnation of the Word,
God showed to me when taking me
inside the depth of his enclosure…!

Should I succeed, in my manner,
in deciphering with concepts
that which I live in my innermost being,
when the Eternal approaches,
when He puts me in the forges
of his coeternal mysteries…!

If I were to say, in my mission
to say what in me I have,
to say the saying of God
that I hold in my innermost being…!

Should I succeed in some manner,
even if I were to do it dying,
in breaking the profound depth
of living on my secret…!

How to say what is inexpressible
in my anguished lament…?

But, if I cannot say it,
even less can I not expose it!
as the strength of God,
introduced in my breast,

drives me to express
what I have, as I can,
even though martyrdom kills me
for defiling my secret.

How sad it is to die grieving,
even though the Heavens shroud me!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia