Pope St. John Paul II, in the first audience he had with Mother Trinidad, asked her why she had taken that name. “Holy Father” she said –“that is my baptism name, since following a family tradition, I was named after my grandmother”. The Holy Father responded with one of his typical gestures moving his index finger: “Yes. However there was also a divine design in it, because you had to talk about the Trinity in the Church.”

An statement full of far-sightedness and correctness, since that is exactly what Mother Trinidad had been doing for so many years before, something which she would continue to do later still, because – as she herself says – “my mission is to sing, to sing until I die, the beauty, the richness and the greatness of God, Christ, Mary and of my Mother Church.”

This short video clip, “Celebrating eternally the day of the Trinity”, recorded on June 14th 1987, presents a beautiful sample of this vibrant song of God, which is light for our souls.