Once again, the profoundly spiritual content of these writings becomes contagious and it affects intensely the reader’s soul. The present writing introduces the soul into the same experiences Mother Trinidad lives and makes the soul partake in the cravings of the spirit and of those blessed hopes for the fulfilment of God’s promises.



“I know that I am nothing, and that He is all”


The nostalgias of my wounded heart are hard… I trust, without tiring, in promises loaded with hopes which the infinite Love told my soul in tender donations that demand from me a return.

I listen inside of me the melody of his sweet and serene voice, in delights of tender pleasures. And I know the crackle of the burning impetus of his fires, as I know the passing of his impetuous crash, like a hurricane, impelled by his glories.

Time has taught me that He is patient and awaits, in long years loaded with mysteries, the Lover who shows to me his secrets among clouds, hidden behind thin veils.

But I also know the sublime sublimeness of the Coeternal One in the excellence of his being by himself the Immense One, where, in the Family, in perfect possession, God is by himself a divine Kiss in the wisdom of the height of his Bosom.

I know that between He who Is and my poverty, in the baseness of my clumsy being, there exists an infinity of distance with regard to his height, because I have seen Him, even though shrouded by the shadows of faith, in the dark exile in which I still live.

And I have seen the Luminaries of his Eyes, the Spring of his eternal Fountains; I have drunk in the cut of his chest, satiating myself, in sweet savourings, with the nectar of that divine Delicacy that inebriates in the sweetness of the heavens; and I go, into exile, trembling, because I can lose Him whom I have possessed, as long as I live in death’s night and fierce enemies surround me.

I try to be faithful to Him in every instant, reaching the end of my destiny, where the eternal He-who-Is awaits me, with his open chest, shrouded by his immense power.

I have to tread on stony paths, crossing deep abysses, in nights of prolonged silences, without stars or moons that may illuminate my paths… And if the oppressive day in the desert dawns and would want to burn my wounded chest, I have to seek the oasis of Him who, with his shadow, became for me an eternal Fountain and a divine Bread…

The panting in my race is hard, with my treading, tired and painful, because of the long journeys that lead to the day of the eternal frontier, where He whom I long for dwells…!

It is to the liking of Him who has called me by my name, to show me his greatness, to mark out my paths, to fill me with promises, engraving, with deep petitions, in my inner being, that which He has wanted for me and for all those who are with me.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. December 2012

But He who loves me enjoys, telling me that it is He who acts in me, and that is why He likes to leave me in the poverty of my nothingness.

When I look at Him, my soul breaks out in flight rising to his height… When I return to myself, I discover my poverties, my roughnesses, my rough understandings! and I shroud deep moanings in the silence of my sorrows… Because, when I touch transcendent mysteries in the excellence of the Sublime One during my lifetime and I express it in my limited way, it seems that I defile the eternal greatnesses, and that I stain them with my crooked being…!

A mystery that does not fit within my limits, that overflows my poor capacity to hold thoughts, because it is God himself, who is infinite, who approaches me in donation of sweet petitions, asking my poor being to collaborate, in my knowledge, with his power, in his plans!

If I should say in some way this that I hold inside me… that which oppresses me in the profound depth of my chest…!

If I should express what I conceal in my silences, without giving it form because I do not have a word that may make out the meaning of everything that is held in them, contained in the depth of my silenced chest…!

I know that God is great and is eternal in the sublime magnificence of his immense power; that He can do everything on account of his eternal excellence, that everything is in his infinite and possessed being by himself…

I also know, in a very concrete way, that I am the nothingness, and He the Everything that I nest in my chest.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “MY NOSTALGIAS ARE HARD…”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 4)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Creation”, recorded on August 18th, 1988 (press PLAY):

In order to live and not to die, singing and speaking the great deeds of the Lord, I need to pray… to pray… to pray! Immersed in the profound silence of the vibrant concerts of Love, in the innermost recesses of my spirit, parched with thirst for the face of the living God, towards Whom I tend with an irresistible force. (11-3-75)
The Lord is thirsty from so much waiting for someone whom He can speak His infinite love to… Immerse yourself deeply into the confined space at Christ’s side, that you may discover the mystery contained within Him, and thus sing Him to all souls. (1-2-64)
Let us rejoice together in God, for He is eternally happy, without there being anything or anybody able to snatch His glory from Him…! Let us rejoice in the definitive triumph of Jesus, in the triumph of Mary and of the Church! And that will be the joy that neither anything nor anybody will be able to take away from us. What do the present sufferings full of promises and hopes in the triumph of Infinite Love matter! (11-12-74)