azulejo_idiomas“I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children”.

How clearly these words of Jesus become reality in Mother Trinidad! She, the “Little crazy girl of Jesus”, for being little and simple, knew how to steal the heart of God in such a way that, sitting on the knees of the Father, she was told the most intimate secrets of His Trinitarian life and His acting out. Mysteries that God has made her savour for being Church, strongly encouraging her to communicate it to all men of simple heart and open soul that wish to listen to her.

ecuador-1This was what prompted Mother Trinidad, eighteen years ago, to organize the first trip to Ecuador, following the request of a Bishop. That small nation, privileged in the eyes of God, would be the first of the entire great American continent in receiving the message of the “Echo of the Church”. The diocese of Loja, in southern Ecuador, through its Shepherd , opened their doors wide to The Work of the Church so that priests and religious, in that first trip, were strengthened in their faith.

096After that apostolic trip many more followed, faced with the response of those simple and open people who made reality again that the “small” are those who receive God. Numerous groups of priests, religious, adults, young… throughout these years, in various activities: retreats, meetings and encounters, have been able to discover the beauty of the Church, to deepen in the dogmas and feel the joy of feeling deeply sons of God with all its consequences, with the desire to respond to His immense gifts, living in simplicity and depth the Christian life.

dsc_0053The fruits of that wonderful planting were seen very soon, and the vocations to the priesthood and to the consecrated life began to arise in many young people, boys and girls who, before the discovery of the “precious pearl” and captivated by the attractive beauty of virginity, left everything behind, their family, their home, their land… everything they had, in order to follow the Lord with courage and generosity, and with the sole desire to help the Church, offering themselves to God for it, along with Mother Trinidad.

votosA few years later, the first ceremony of Temporary Vows of some of those young people would be held in the cathedral of Loja, before the expectant gaze of a large number of faithful who filled the temple up, and of the emotion and gratitude of their parents, who felt more than compensated for their generosity with the gift God was giving them in calling one of their sons or daughters to be only for Him.

The same cathedral of Loja would be the scenario, sometime later, of the first priestly ordination of a young Ecuadorian. Little by little and in this simple way the request of Mother Trinidad to the Lord years ago was being fulfilled: “priests, virgins and souls, glory to God!”.

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In these moments, The Work of the Church has a large group of members in Ecuador, priests and entire families who want to live their faith deeply and manifest it through his life and his word, accompanying their apostolic work with much enthusiasm.


Mary, under the title of Our Lady Queen of the Swan, typical of that land, accompanied at all times the apostolic work of The Work of the Church and under her mantle covered many of the activities that took place at the foot of its beautiful sanctuary, nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountain Range, between heaven and earth, and granted, as mediator of all graces, great fruits of souls to God.

img_8815To Her we entrust the perseverance of so many members who are surrendering their lives alongside Mother Trinidad in order to help the Church. And we ask Her to continue blessing the apostolic work of The Work of the Church with the sole desire to seek always and only the Glory of God.