Our existence is a silent and unnoticed struggle between God’s will, as divine and necessary as the air we breath, and our human will, which has been wounded at its very roots. Not without reason, the Apostle invites us to “be reconciled to God,” since foolishly and unwisely we are in conflict with Him.

To fulfil God’s will is to have found Him, to live Him and to possess Him.



The human nature of Jesus was assumed by His divine person, therefore, His human will was so much adhered to God’s will, that it was as if robbed by the latter, making it wish according to the divine thinking alone; this is how Jesus was, for His being God’s very own Son. We have been created to share in Him and be sons in the Son; therefore, our will must strive to be joined to Him, not by being robbed by the hypostatic union, but by our deliberate adherence at the contemplation of the eternal Good. (9-1-65)

Holiness is not to do great things, but to do what we have to do with the maximum perfection, with great simplicity, joy and love. (13-1-70)

Seek the divine will and you will find God in light or in dryness. Wherever the fulfilment of His plans is, Love is there. (12-4-67)

The path God marks out for you or the circumstances in which He puts you, are the best for you and, sometimes, for not seeing it, you do not embrace them and drift from the divine will. (7-4-67)

Perfection consists in embracing, for love, the will of God, no matter how or what this could be. (12-4-67)

Who commits himself halfway, lives halfway, rejoices halfway and sanctifies himself halfway, and has always somewhat of sadness and melancholy, which will hardly let him enjoy the peace he needs and that is found by those committed souls who embrace the divine will. (10-9-63)

Holiness lies not in doing great things, but in letting the divine Sanctifier do in you His work of love. (12-11-63)

God only asks of me to be what He wishes, in my simple way, according to His will. (18-8-73)

The more I simplify my life, the more I live according to God. That is why, I only wish to love in complete adherence to His will. (19-12-66)

My way must be always marked by Your will; hence the path through which Your love may lead me, is the best for me. (8-3-67)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)