The Word is faced – upon “descending from the eternal valleys,” where, in the Divine Family, He is the singing Son – with humanity’s rudeness and forsaking incomprehension, so that he can fittingly be called the Alone. […]

O, Jesus, in the sight of everyone, You passed through this earth being the Accompanied One. But for the penetrating and purest gaze of Your Immaculate Mother, who could sense Your innermost depths, You are perceived in the solitary loneliness of Your most holy soul. […]

e-camino-calvario_115-marc3ada-encuentra-jesc3basThe Alone… A loneliness that we will never be able to penetrate in Your infinite-like capacity….

O, Jesus! The reflection of this terrible loneliness were the bleeding moments of Your sorrowful passion, in which Your whole humanity expressed how forsaken was Your soul, not only in Your sorrowful inner tragedy, but also in Your solitary Via Crucis of human abandonment.

And in those moments when You, my divine Teacher, most needed the company of Your friends, even if only outwardly, You find yourself completely alone: “Peter, you sleep? Haven’t you been able to watch with me for an hour?” “Watch and pray so as to avoid temptation.” […]

Jesus, I want to penetrate into Your solitary and ailing soul, to deposit on it a kiss that will bring you the taste of a good son, of a faithful son, so that I may accompany You, throughout this night, kissing with the Holy Spirit all those wounds with which the ingratitude and lovelessness of Your own people pierced Your fatherly soul, rent apart. […]

O…! Where are the friends of the divine Teacher? The Apostles, the disciples who surrounded Him, the crowds that had recently proclaimed Him as king, where are they now? Because all the rage of Hell is being unleashed as a bloody punishment upon the eternal Holiness Incarnate, upon infinite Justice itself…!
Mary, united to the soul of Her Son in each and every one of these torments, having become one with Him, experienced in Her soul of Mother of God the whole terrible tragedy of the infinite Word Incarnate. […]

Mary, united to the soul of Her Son in each and every one of these torments, having become one with Him, experienced in Her soul of Mother of God the whole terrible tragedy of the infinite Word Incarnate. […]

174d823abe2a403b1da93bd3a4b45a8a“And they led Jesus away into the palace… and called together the whole company of soldiers. They put a purple robe on Him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and placed it on Him. And they began to call out to Him, ‘Hail, king of the Jews!’ Again and again they struck Him on the head with a staff, spitting on Him; and falling to their knees, they paid homage to Him.” […]

And with His cross on His shoulders, on His way to Golgotha, the Alone walks amongst the immense crowd, accompanied only by the traitors. “The sons of this world are wiser in their own generation than the sons of Light….” […]

Finally He found a friendly face. The Divine Walker hears some hasty steps coming towards Him: a few weeping women, who, courageously and firmly, driven by their love for the divine Teacher, accompany the Mother of the condemned to death. And Jesus seeks the only friendly gaze that, in His pilgrimage on earth, He had always found. A gaze that had always given Him a taste of affection and the warmth of home. And both sights embrace one another in the mutual union of the Holy Spirit. The Mother and the Son have met, and they have merged in one same pain….!

Now Jesus is accompanied! Now the Alone has found, as in Bethlehem, Nazareth and throughout all His life, His oasis in His hard journey…! But the pain of the Mother before the pain of the Son, and the pain of the Son before the gaze of the Mother, in their deepest union of mutual understanding, has wounded and pierced both even more deeply with the self-same sword and the self-same pain. […]

Jesus, pushed and dragged, is taken to the place in Mount Calvary, where, the executioners hastily begin to prepare the instrument of torture; while He, collapsed on the ground, waits for that terrible moment when, laying Him on the cross, they will begin to nail His destroyed body onto it. […]

Now has the Word of Life been nailed to the cross…! Now quintessential Freedom has been imprisoned! Naked, before the rude sight of those men, is infinite Virginity incarnate…!

And finally they lift the cross, placing it into the hole that they had prepared on the mountain top for the “Lamb of God” to be suspended between heaven and earth, as the High Priest, to celebrate the first Mass. […]

And finally, Jesus feels His strength fading away. The Author of Life experiences how life flees from His humanity, and how death takes hold of Him. […]

semana-40-1At that moment, the Alone raises His eyes heavenwards to seek the Father’s pleased gaze. And He sees that Infinite Holiness, manifesting itself as Justice, turns against Him because He represents sin. […]

O, terrible loneliness of Christ’s soul! Is it not possible for You to receive any consolation, a friendly hand…?

Breathless, with the shallow and quick breathing of approaching death, He expresses the dryness of His thirsty soul: “I thirst!” Yes, Father, I thirst that they may know You, and so that they may know You, “I sanctify myself for them.”

And with a choked voice, in His last breath of life, making an immense effort, the Incarnate Word rests at the Father’s will for Him that has been fulfilled: “All is finished!”

And turning towards the Father, with His gaze full of infinite love and clouded by the gloomy darkness of death, He gives up His last breath: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit!”

At that moment, the earth shakes, the graves are opened, the dead rise, and the whole of creation cries out in protest with a heart-rending and sorrowful cry at the unjust death of their Creator.

The Virgin, Saint John, the holy women, gaze in awe at that spectacle of the whole of creation sorrowfully crying out, in the gloomiest darkness, in protest at the injustice performed by men on their God. The sun hides to avoid witnessing the terrible crime that is being committed against He who is Holiness by essence. […]

Today I want to instil in these words, that, coming into life, and together with the sword, pierced the soul of Christ and afterwards that of the Virgin: the Alone, the sheltering comfort of a daughter, of a friend, of a bride and of a virgin who is ready to undergo that self-same loneliness, so that all souls may know God and become a comfort for Christ, for the Sorrowful Virgin and for the Church torn apart in the gloomy night of Her Gethsemane.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the writing: “The Alone”
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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Jesus, what pain within Your soul! Each one of us is a wound according to the dimension of the capacity of Your love. How well have I understood today that what each and every moment of Your life meant! What greatness! What nostalgia for Your loved ones! What loneliness without all of them! (19-9-74)

What ails you, my God…? –I ache with the pain of love on seeing Myself scorned by my own people! (11-11-59)

How sad is Jesus on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, because we have not entered into the profound depth of His bitter loneliness! (26-3-64)

Today everybody speaks about the marginalized ones… But who remembers Eternal Love, emarginated, unknown, forgotten and even despised and gravely offended? There is no room to think about Him! Foolish man, he forgot Love and marginalized Him. (25-5-78)

Because I ask for pure love of immola­tion and self-forgetfulness, I saw myself alone, and “I looked for comforters but I found none.” (28-11-59)

How hard it is to see Christ so lonely and unknown, being so much love and being so much unloved…! Jesus, we do not want You to be so wounded by the lack of love, and therefore, with the Holy Spirit and with Our Lady, we love You. (21-1-75)