Already since 1959, in the perspective of the Council and for all ages to come, the Lord had prepared Mother Trinidad with a special capacity in view of a singular and most personal mission that He were to give her in relation to the Vicar of Christ and to Bishops. This mission being to love them, support them, comfort them, offer herself up for them and help them with all the communications God made to her soul in order to present the true face of the Church.

Besides the fact that God had made known to her the luminous depths of the divine plans, He has also given her an abundant light with regard to how to carry out His will for the Church. In the first part of this writing she explains to us how the Lord made her see what His thinking was regarding the Second Vatican Council, the mission of each person in the Church, the need for reformation and the manner to accomplish it.


“The thought of God upon His Church”


[bl]F[/bl]or just as God is a consubstantial mystery of unity in familial intercommunication of trinitarian life, the Church is a mystery of unity. Because She is the containment, in manifestation and perpetuation, of the mystery of God in Himself, by Himself and for Himself and lived with men and among men; who is given to us by Christ, under Mary’s divine Motherhood, Mother of the universal Church, entrusted by Christ to His Apostles. […]

Therefore the Holy Mother Church was founded by Christ and entrusted by Him to His Apostles, so that all men, without exception of classes, races, nor condition, might live the divine life, giving their true meaning and direction to all the spiritual, temporal, human and material problems; and so that they might live this divine life in communion of goods, united and participating in home intimacy in the joy of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; here in faith in the night of life and, once this journey is over, in the glorious, luminous and shining light of Eternity. […]

God created us to live with Him in family intimacy, and so that, when he lives in family with Him, we might live among us in family also, in a reunion of charity, of justice, of love, of peace and of joy, that provides us with the perfect concord of our being and our acting. […]

Therefore the Church, which is the prolongation in perfect and finished perpetuation of Christ as Head of His Mystical Body, living among men by the mystery of His Incarnation, life, death and glorious resurrection; is the one that has to direct us, guide us and form us, under the burning light and full of loving infinite wisdom of the Holy Spirit, in our true personality;
brimming us all with the happiness of the infinite life that She possesses and holds in Her bosom, to communicate it to us, in Her redeeming mission, by means of the Sacraments and all the gifts, fruits and charisms that God, ever from the day of Pentecost, poured down over Her so that She might be able to brim humanity, as the Universal Mother of all men. […]

Man has only one meaning and one essential reason for being: to possess God. For he was created by Him, in order to begin to live on His joy and to dominate the whole creation, since God Himself appointed him its king from the beginning.

And as the Church is the one Who has received by Christ the gift of the true divine and human interpretation, She is the one Who has to give each thing its meaning, and to man the true criterion over each one of them.

When God made us possessors of His divine life and dominators of creation, by the gift of wisdom we fill our capacities for possession with relation to God Himself; and by the gift of science we are gradually possessing the creation, we are gradually possessing it within us and are achieving happiness. […]

The Church is the congregation and reunion of men of all times with God and with one another, eternally.

The Church is the congregation and reunion of men of all times with God and with one another, eternally. A union that, in the image of the subsistent, infinite and coeternal Being in His familial intercommunication of trinitarian life, begins in the divine mind, in the eternal designs of God for us, by the impulse of the Holy Spirit; a union that is realized in time by the will of the Father, since, by and in the love of the Holy Spirit, the Word became Man and dwelt among us; a union that is continued, in our pilgrimage, by means of the Holy Spirit; and is perpetuated eternally in Heaven by means of the Holy Spirit Himself. […]

The Church is one in the union of the Holy Spirit, and that is why She has to be one in life, one in criterion, one in doctrine, one in experience, one in mission and one in communication of goods and in the possession thereof.

And in order that She may be one in God’s unity, the Holy Spirit stayed with the Pope and the Bishops who, united to the Pope according to the divine mind manifested by the Only Begotten Son of the Father, have His same feeling and proclaim the unity of the Church in Her truth with all Her truth, in Her life, mission and tragedy. […]

How rich the Church is, who is the repository of the divine mystery and the one charged with communicating it to men of all times with a Father’s heart, a Word’s expression, under the love, the breeze and the impulse of the Holy Spirit…!

How rich the Church is, who has in Her bosom the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit living Their life of familial intercommunication for Themselves and, through the Church, living it and realizing it for us! “Just as the living Father sent Me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on Me will have life because of Me.”

How rich the Church is, who in Her, by Her and through Her, the Father says His Word to men, the Word, in a romance of love, spells out to them His life in song in a saying that is doing, and the Holy Spirit congregates them so that they may live in home intimacy among themselves and with the Divine Family…!

It is the Holy Spirit the one who, in the infinite perfection of His being, keeps the Father and the Son united in His eternal charity in a unity of loving and infinite life; and, consequently, who, when God wants to come into contact with men, congregates us, through the Church, gathers us together and associates us in a unity of happiness with God Himself; bringing about that, what God Himself has by nature, we may live it here by grace and on the morrow of Eternity in the jubilation of His infinite and eternal joy in the glorious light of the Blessed…[…]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE CHURCH, MYSTERY OF UNITY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Again the Church is showing herself to me and asking me for help in her petitions of pain and agony, that I may help Her through my descendants, as the echo of Her life, mission and tragedy, extending Christ’s mystery and his mission”, recorded on January 8th, 2000 (press PLAY):

The Holy Spirit stayed with the Pope and the Bishops who, united with the Pope, have his same feelings and his sole unity, so that the Church might be one in God’s unity. (22-11-68)
The Church is the congregation of the Divine Family with all men, through Christ, in the womb of Mary.

It is necessary to present the Church in all Her beauty, perfection and greatness, before the eyes of all of Her children, so that they may acknowledge Her as Mother, as God’s speech to men, as the heart of Trinity on earth, as the expression of the Infinite. (15-9-63)