Mother Trinidad has repeatedly experienced the powerful drive of this command that was instilled by God in her soul at the time of the Council:

‘Go with everything to John XXIII, with all to the Pope, the Council is coming for this…’ and ever since then she has always been living her daily journey on this earth supporting herself beneath and upon the See of Peter in order to sing the song of the Church and so fill with overflowing joy all of God’s people.

This morning, before I got up, while I was praying […]
I contemplated God, from the beginning of time, at the moment without time of conceiving the Church in the mystery of Her life and Her mission; understanding what was the authentic and true meaning of the divine design for Her.

I saw how God wanted Her from the beginning, and what had happened throughout the different ages in the bosom of this Holy Mother;
discovering and deeply penetrating what was to be carried out inside Her, as though rejuvenating the Bride of Christ and unravelling Her most rich dogma, to make all Her members live it in wisdom and love; and how one had to put Her so that She might be again what God, in His infinite mind, dreamed from all Eternity, for the New, Universal and Eternal Jerusalem, bedecked with God’s same beauty, and replete and saturated with His same Divinity. […]

[…] The same Lord showed to me that, for the realization of all this, the second Vatican Council had emerged in our time, and together with the Council, like a mustard seed, The Work of the Church, full of abundant gifts and rich fruits.

Which, on the side of the Pope and the other Successors of the Apostles, had to help them, collaborating to carry out throughout all times, before God and men, the authentic, true and essential mission for which Christ had founded His Church;

presenting the true face of this Holy Mother, precious amphora and replete with divinity, Sanctuary of God among men, where the Father and the Holy Spirit, through Christ, give Themselves to us and dwell within the Family with us, making of the New Zion, a living Temple and Dwelling of the Most High. […]

The Church is beautiful with God’s same beauty, that envelops Her, ennobles Her, bejewels Her, penetrates Her, saturates Her and bedecks Her, making Her the immaculate Spouse of the Lamb; enveloped with a royal mantle of blood that Her divine Bridegroom gave Her the day of Her Wedding. […]

How great is the Church…!, how universal!, how wide!, how simple and how eternal…!

How great is the Council…! With what a mission so profound, so full of loving wisdom and as supernatural as simple, accessible and universal, it has arisen in the Church…! […]

How great was John XXIII, to whom the Lord inspired the Council!

How great are my beloved Bishops gathered with the Pope to govern the Church under the will of the Father, manifesting Her with the expression of the Word and consuming themselves and consuming us all, become one in the love and the impulse of the Holy Spirit!

How great is the Church, and how enlightened by the divine thought, being lead by the loving wisdom and under the strength and the impulse of the Holy Spirit Himself in each and everyone of the moments of Her existence, even in the most difficult, dramatic, dark and even confused…!

The Church is a mystery of unity, of life; congregating men in the union of the Divine Family; trinitarian Family that is so much union that, owing to the perfection of His divine nature, is one sole Being: the subsistent, coeternal, infinite and trinitarian Being. […]

And when the Apostles dispersed, to spread and manifest and make live the unity of the life of the Church, the Christian communities were formed, the first dioceses, under the paternal protection and the guide of one of the Successors of the Apostles.

And later, in order to spread and to distribute even more that life, being able to reach everybody more easily, since men are many, the parishes were formed. Which have the mission of helping their Bishop communicate the tight and most rich unity that the Holy Spirit wants to make us live, in Himself, with the Father and the Son.

The diocese is the portion that each Bishop has in order to give the life of God to men; to each and everyone; in such fullness, that all of the Church’s richness is for each and everyone.
A perfect diocese has to try to attend to the spiritual and material needs of the men who make it up, and for this it counts on priests and lay people of all classes and conditions.

They have to work all at one, but each fulfilling his mission, according to the peculiar gift received from the Holy Spirit; setting as essential and, therefore, principal end, the knowledge of God and of His mysteries that the most rich dogma of the Mother Church contains.
But without ever forgetting that this has to lead, as the fruit of the contact with God –who is charity, who is union, who is holiness– to feel impelled by the Holy Spirit, unifier in the divine and human life, to concern ourselves actively with the supernatural and human problems of all and each one of the members of the Church […]

If we all try in the bosom of the Holy Mother Church, as living and vivifying members of Christ’s mystical Body, to exercise our peculiar priesthood according to one’s own charisma and the gift received from on High –but always in union and adherence to the Pope and to the other Successors of the Apostles–, seeking primarily God’s glory and the service of others; so many deformations would not take place as there are in the bosom of the Holy Mother Church: some keeping out of what they have to do, others doing what does not fall to them, and the majority suffering the consequences of our lack of formation, adaptation and christian responsibility. […]

And as the lay person is not called by God to realize the Sacrifice of the Altar, to forgive sins, to distribute the Sacraments…, neither is the priest, due to his specific vocation, the one called to get directly into the social issues; even though indeed to form the lay people and to impel them so that they may assume responsibility and solve with supernatural outlook and divine criterion those social issues within their parish, within the diocese, within their community and in the Church; making it extensive through Her to the whole world. […]

And to manifest all this rejuvenation of the beautiful face of the Church, the Second Vatican Council arise (appears), brimming with plenitude and wisdom, of justice, truth and love; inspired by God to John XXIII, “receiving –according to what he himself manifested on the 25th of January of 1959– as coming from on High, an intimate voice of our spirit”. […]

And the same way as the Divine Family, in diversity of Persons, has one sole being by the perfection of Its same divine nature;
and the same way as the Pope and the Bishops have to be united in one same doctrine, in one same spirit, in one same mission and in one common aid;
we all have to unite to them in order to be one, as God is one, and to form with Christ, through Him, and in Him, the mystery of unity that the Church is, the Mystical Body of Christ with all its members, founded (built) on the Rock of Peter and sheltered under his See –”What we have seen and heard we proclaim now to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; for our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ. We are writing this so that our joy may be complete”–. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE CHURCH, MYSTERY OF UNITY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Again the Church is showing herself to me and asking me for help in her petitions of pain and agony, that I may help Her through my descendants, as the echo of Her life, mission and tragedy, extending Christ’s mystery and his mission”, recorded on January 8th, 2000 (press PLAY):