Mother Trinidad poetically describes how her soul collects the tears of the Church: it is something that is as logical and understandable for anyone who loves the Church, as it is unthinkable that this can ever happen to anyone.

To the extent that our sensitivity to the spiritual realities increases then we won’t consider as something extraordinary to perceive the weeping of the Church, the gaze of Christ, Mary’s delightful expression. All this taking place without ourselves ever seeing anything with our bodily eyes, but rather with the eyes of the soul, which are far more sensitive, because love makes the soul see and experience what the eyes are not able to discover by themselves.

“The church wept in my soul”

(18 – 4 – 1975)

The Church Her sorrows outpoured
on my sorrowful soul, 
and with Her mantle wrapped me 
increasing thus my agony.

She said Her bitterness to me,
that in Her chest was contained,
thus covering me with the cloud 
that over Her was hovering.

The Church uttered Herself in Eco,
leaving me submerged 
under the asphyxiating grief 
repressed in Her chest;

and She told me the whys
of all that was overshadowing Her,
and the sorrowful confusion 
that everywhere was engulfing Her.

The Church wept in my soul…
How bitter was this day to me!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia