This is a short writing, but reveals very deep aspects of the spiritual experience of Mother Trinidad. She summarizes the content in the last three lines of the same: “Thank you, Lord, for having made me in your likeness, to live by participation in the perfect satiety of your infinite capacity.”

By entering into God’s life we know the role of creation and the pleasing delight God takes in it. A delight which in theological language we call as something accidental. The sharing in God’s life is the measure that sets out the degree of knowledge and possession the soul has in regard of creation.

God finds His essential joy in the possession of His infinite and accidental perfection in relation to creatures. The soul, proportionally, is called to live this double experience: on the one hand the soul rejoices in and with the joy of God in the possession by participation of God Himself and on the other hand it rejoices in the possession of creatures as a complementary or accidental joy.

This writing by Mother Trinidad clearly reflects the requirement that the possession of God impresses on the soul and the impossibility for this need to be filled with any creatures, even with the whole of creation.



“The circle of creation oppresses me”


I am created for Eternity, for the immense immensity of the Being, for the perfect life of the eternal He-who-Is, for the possession without time, without limits and without frontiers of the inexhaustible Perfection.

God made me for Him, for His ways and styles, for His manners and forms; to enter with His understanding the plethoric light of His light, the containment of His immense suns, the embracement infinitely embracing of His Divine Family.

I was created to know what God tastes like in wisdom of tasty understanding, and in Intuitive penetration of His simultaneous and eternal joy; to sing with the Song which, in infinitude of manners of being, the Word is himself, and to enter the concert of His infinite perfections; to love with the substantially perfect love of the Holy Spirit.

“ ‘What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared for those who love Him,’ this God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit scrutinizes everything, even the depths of God. […]


I have not been destined to drag myself on the ground, but to live in the coeternal elevation of my Divine Family. And I have as though eternal yearnings to soar up and fit myself in the centre of my reason for being.

That is why the earth, and even more, the crushing immensity of the universe, proves to be narrow for me, tight! making me perceive the sensation that it presses me into its circle, that it locks me up in the prison of its limitation… that it does not let me come out of the finitude of its walls! to fly to the free freedom, to the possession without limits, where frontiers do not exist, where there has never been a beginning nor will be an end, […]

Thank you, Lord, for living in yourself without any mansion, without limits and without frontiers…! […]

Thank you, Lord, for this experience as though of claustrophobia that I feel on earth for the locking up I experience because of the oppression of all things, which imprison my soul created for the Eternal Perfection…! […]

If men knew what all the small creatures in their diversity of species, in their plenitude of beauty, mean to my spiritual look, all of them reflections of the Infinite Perfection…!

[…]Because, when man deeply penetrates creation, he discovers in it the hand of the living Being, who, outpouring himself in wisdom, made it a singing expression of His marvellous perfections, being all of them a manifestation of His eternal concert. […]

God has the possibility of creating immense worlds in a diversity of manners, ways and styles. Because He is great, not for what we see that He has made, but because of the possibility He has, not only of being, but of making creatures and things. […]

Through the Father’s will, in the Word’s expression, and through the personal Love of both, who is the Holy Spirit, God performed, in an outpouring of His splendour, the magnificent and splendorous magnificence of creation. And therefore, all creatures “He clothed, as He passed, with His beauty,” each one in themselves containing the plethoric richness of the Word’s song; and appearing, before the spiritual look of him who possesses God, the simple reality of the small leaf of a tree, as rich as the overwhelming immensity of the containment of the universe. Because God is in essence, presence and power giving His breath of life to all that is, and maintaining in its existence all that exists.

But man’s soul, created with the capacity to possess the Infinite, yearns to soar up towards the possession of the eternal He-who-Is, who is himself by himself; being in its way everything that tries to imprison its freedom or cut off its flight in delirious ascension towards Eternity. […]

How beautiful is the inanimate creation, made by God for the manifestation of His perfections…! But, how immensely greater and more transcendent is man’s soul, which has, imprinted in itself the overpowering need of living on the Uncreated; and which was created to palpitate, in its real experience, in unison with God’s heart, entering into the communication of His life and living, to the extent of its finite and created capacity, on the Infinite himself…! […]

For that reason, Lord, the day that I find You in the bright light of your eternal pupils, I will have everything in You, forever, forever…! in the perfect possession of your being and in the complete fullness of all that I crave.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“The circle of creation oppresses me”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 8)
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