The light of the Holy Spirit breaks forth with force in the proximity of Pentecost. His light prepares our souls, makes us feel detached from all created things and instils into them an unquenchable need for the Eternal One.

Once that the light of Truth makes us penetrate God´s mystery and perceive the infinite distance that exists between Him and the creature, it’s then that Mother Trinidad cries out: “how can the creature be compared to the Creator?” And at the same time she can understand why only Jesus, in His humanity, can adore God as He infinitely expects from men.


“Under the proximity of the Holy Spirit
and the impetus of His fire”


Under the proximity of the Holy Spirit and the impetus of His fire, are perceived as though myriads and myriads of battalions of being in the loving and infinite murmur of God’s passing who, in the might of the Immense One, approaches, with the breeze of His flight the human creature who, in reverent prostration, awaits adoring and loving the Infinite Being, so that He may rush to possess and to inebriate it with the silent and sacrosanct murmur and tasteful knowledge of His pace and the tasting of the nectar of His Divinity. […]

And, when the day of Pentecost came, for which the Holy Spirit was preparing me in loving enthrallment of insatiable waiting for His possession; when placing myself in contact with God, I began to perceive the proximity of the Eternal One… remoteness from everything created… need for the living God… contact with His mysteries… depth in His bosom and penetrative savouring in the infinite immensity of God’s excellence…

And successively, to the extent that my soul, being lifted as in flight, was getting deeper in loving contemplation, slowly and silently attracted by the melodic company of the fiery passing in the sacred breeze of the Holy Spirit; owing to the loftiness of the excellently immense excellence of the Eternal Being, I felt that I was moving away from all earthly things; comprehending in a profound, secret and transcendent way the infinitely different and distant distance that exists between the human creature and the Creator, between the All and the nothing, between the Infinite One and the created. […]

I understood that nothing is; that nothing is apart from the Being, been and possessed in Himself and by Himself in His intercommunication of familial and Trinitarian life, without beginning and without end, without frontiers and without decline.
Wherefore, from the deep and intimate concavity of the core of my spirit, I repeated without words:

What comparison is possible between the human creature and the Creator…!! Only God is Himself in His infinite Being Himself of sovereign majesty…! […]

Because, due to the splendid magnitude of the excellence of the Infinite Being, everything became as though a non-being, everything was left like the little straw which, in a forest, on a day of a terrible hurricane, is swayed by the strong wind, without being noticed due to the smallness of its reality… […]

And due to the knowledge of this reality, I was again as though introduced even more deeply into the excellence of God.
And from there, enthralled and full of surprise and love, I saw the majestic magnificence of Christ’s humanity. Contemplating it so immensely great, so much! that it alone is richer than the whole creation; a tight summary of all of it, because “in Him, by Him and for Him all things, were made and created,” in splendorous and enthralling manifestation of His own perfection; and so capable in His humanity, that this one has no other Person than the divine, Christ being able to say, through His human voice, because of the plenitude of the mystery that it contains: I am God…! […]

And thus, transcended and translimited by love, inebriated by the nectar of the Divinity, and exceeded by joy in the Holy Spirit, under the breeze of His softness and the fluttering of His divine passing above my poor, tiny and trembling soul, appeared Mary, Queen and Mother of the beautiful Love, with the unimaginable greatness of Her divine Motherhood.
And I saw Her so great…! so elevated…! So sublimated…! so extolled…! above all the other creatures…! above the Angels of Heaven! For being the Mother of God, Queen of the universe, Virgin, Mother and Lady…! being, after Jesus, as pure creature, the greatest expression of the Infinite One. […]

Understanding, seeing and going on penetrating, in an intuition of profound respect, Jesus, as High and Eternal Priest, adoring the Infinite Being, overcome by joy, because He is in Himself and by Himself, as Man, the reverent response of perfect adoration what the Infinite Holiness of the One who Is deserves in response of loving return by His creatures; because how can the creature be compared with the Creator…! […]

But between His humanity and His Divinity the distance is so great, so much, so much…! that He Himself is in Himself He Who Is Himself, and He Himself is in Himself the infinitely adored and the infinite Adoring One… […]

The same happened to me when I looked at the Holy Mother Church, who as the Bride of Christ and due to Her royal Head, had in Herself the plenitude of the Divinity: full of holiness and beauty, of freshness and youth, capable of saturating all men with the fullness of Her Springs received from God by Christ through Mary and resting in Her Motherly bosom; but who, in turn, embraced in Her bosom so many men who are also sinners; since the Church is divine and human in the plethoric and tight compendium of Her reality:
But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…!

From the height of the excellence of God, I looked at the whole creation, which for me was, in light of the divine thought, so beautiful and glorifying of God Himself; and once more turned up the tiny blade or the little drop of water lost in the immense immensity of the innumerable seas that creation contains… […]

How well I understood that only God is Himself…! How immense the distance of the Infinite Being, from all that is not He…!
And during all this Pentecost morning of 1975, being my soul immersed in prayer, I repeated as though a melodic praise in a hymn of glory before the majestic magnificence of the infinite power of He who Is Himself: But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…!

And also, in my ascent to the presence of the Being, before my spiritual gaze, appeared a diversity of creatures: the rebellious Angels… Adam… Eve…

How, could they, if they knew some of the excellence of God, rebel against Him…?!
How could they believe themselves to be like God or wish to be like Him, if at the moment when they rebelled they had some knowledge similar to the one that I, in my limitation, have had today…?!
How is it possible that, in this truth that I live today, one could desire anything other then to be praise of glory before the magnificence of the Coeternal Being…?!
What knowledge did they have of Him, and how far did the penetration of their knowledge go, that they were capable of saying to God: “I will not serve You,” or to crave for something apart from adoring Him…?

I was afraid to say what I was seeing; comprehending with clear certainty that, in the glorious partaking of the Eternity, before the magnificence of God and enthralled by the beauty of His Face, when contemplating Him without veils, there remains no other possibility than to adore in a reverent hymn of praise before the Infinite Being in His Trinity of Persons.

Wherefore, trembling with reverent veneration and in profound adoration, bursting into the deepest part of my heart repeating in my song of Church and as Echo in proclamation of the infinite canticles that She holds in Her bosom, as a “tower of strength,” Queen and Lady, having as head and crown of glory the Only Begotten Son of God:
But, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…! […]

How great I saw, full of joy, Jesus in His humanity, who is different and distant from the whole creation and from all other creatures, and who was able to adore God as He infinitely needed to be adored by man…!

Marvellous mystery of the Incarnation, that gives God in His creature everything He expected from it…! Unimaginable greatness of the most sacred humanity of Christ…!

Carried away by the excellence of His adoration, as man, to His own Divinity, with Him, I adored!

Being engraved on my soul, as though with fire, by the breeze of the Holy Spirit in swift passing that has made me know, intuit and live something of the most excellent excellence of the Infinite Being, exceeded by joy and prostrate in reverent and humble adoration, the loud cry of the Archangel Saint Michel:
“Who like God…?!”.

Because, how can the human creature be compared with the Creator…?!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE EXCELLENCE OF GOD”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 13)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God in Himself, and God in us”, recorded on July 6th, 1992 (press PLAY):

How relishingly I understand with the penetration of my lowly understanding, in deep wisdom, that the Holy Spirit be the soul of the Church, through the experience that, in the core of my being, I live, on being impelled, moved, taught, set aflame and fortified by the Infinite Spirit Himself! (25-4-78)
The Church is divine and human and, only by knowing the densest sum of this double reality, are we able to understand Her, love Her and manifest to men Her true face, overflowing with divinity, although made ugly by our sins. (17-12-76)
I need to love God because my heart, created and possessed by His infinite love, hungers so; and I need as well that He may be glorified, He being all in all, that He may receive the loving response from each man that God willed from all Eternity. (15-9-74)