The knowledge and fullness that each one of us achieves in the participation of God’s mystery is the measure of the drive to make Him known. God is a fire that “consumes” the soul and it is possible to rest only by communicating Him: Souls for God! This is the cry of the one who has known and tasted how good the Lord is.

The knowledge and the all-encompassing perfect intuition the Father has of Himself in His infinite light makes Him break forth into Word, and the Father communicates His very own divine life to His Son. This is the infinite rest of the Father, since the Son receives and responds in utter perfection to the communication of the Father. God the Father finds His own repose in begetting the Son in the Love of fire of the Holy Spirit, and the Father’s happiness resides in His self-communication to His Son.



The fullness of God irresistibly impels man

to make him known


         How great is God’s mystery in Him and in His outward manifestation! This mystery is so profound, divine and eternal, that the soul on discovering it, turns into a stream of life in the plenitude of the Infinite and communicates to others the overflowing currents that pervade its being. (9-12-72)

         The contact with the Infinite fills the soul, and on being entirely filled with Him, we feel the need to make those around us share in our joy; because the divine love that pervades us, is an overflowing outpouring on all men. (18-8-73)

         He who possesses God, lives on His loving wisdom in the joy of the Holy Spirit, Who fills us with the abundance of His gifts, to manifest to man Christ’s true message. (17-12-76)

         Whoever lives on the supernatural communicates it; in this are to be distinguished God’s true children from those who, with an earthly outlook, are only able to communicate the goods of here below. (17-12-76)

         The more we know God, the more will we love Him; but an urgent need will all the more be present in our souls to make Him known and loved, in loving sorrows, because His own neither know Him, nor love Him, nor accept Him. Christ’s living was a mystery of love and pain. (14-2-76)

         Insofar as the Eternal inundates me with His love, I love all men, each and every one, according to the plan of His will regarding me and everyone. (13-1-77)

         I want the Being in what He is, as He is, and for the reason He is so; burning in piercing eagerness for the complete encounter with the eternal possession of Him; but His will, seared with fire in the innermost being of my spirit always with its gaze always set on God, sends me out to seek souls for Him, glory for His unknown love to the overwhelming majority of men. (13-2-77)


“Personal experiences of Church”, spiritual retreat for religious in the Diocesis of Ahmedabad (India), conducted by members of The Work of the Church, and based on the writings and video talks of Mother Trinidad. October 2014.


         I am Church, and, therefore, I love God and I seek all men to fill their souls with true justice and love. (17-12-76)

         Where are God’s children, who are full of love, hope and true charity? “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain;” but I have to seek them, and, for this, I have to live and not die. (30-10-76)

         Whenever I seek God, I find Him; but I do not find the way of giving to creatures all He gives me for them, asking their response in return. (25-4-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia,

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)