As this writing says: “All of God is a mystery so sweet, gentle and affectionate, so desirable and attractive, so loving and transcendent, that if souls were to glimpse something ‘of what God has prepared for those who love Him,’ they would live in a continuous lament, sighing for the glorious and most blissful contemplation of the living God.”

God gives response to the unquenchable thirst of our souls through His goodness manifested in His desire to make Himself known by giving us the gift of living His mystery.


“I know God is Himself, and I know it in His knowing”


Oh plethoric and overflowing surprise that of the human creature, accustomed to glimpse only the created things, who, raised by the sole and subsistent Being in transcendent ascent, and introduced into the sapiental wisdom of He who is Himself; penetrates, conjecturing, saturated with love and exceeded by joy, something of what He is in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, the only true God; who gives and reveals Himself to us, in burning and infinite expression of coeternal songs, by His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, under the loving impulse and the coeternal power of the Holy Spirit…! […]

And at that very instant of God being Himself and standing in being of Himself all that He is, all that He can be and how He is Himself so and being what He is in the subsistent instant of being Himself; when He contemplates His own attributes and perfections, and all that He is Himself in His Person and in His being; in that Look of infinite, profound, penetrating and consubstantial divine wisdom, He breaks into an explanatory singing Expression of infinite and consubstantial melodies, as though in myriads and myriads of concerts of being in His touchings of eternal songs of subsistent divinity, that is His Word.

And the Father loves His Word with a love so infinite, that it comes out of Him, without coming out of Him, it springs up, without springing up –since God is inward, inward…! inside! inside Himself!– all His being Himself in love.

And, at that very instant, is also coming out of the Word –without coming out– all His being received from the Father, loving the Father.

And, in that loving each other the Father and the Word, in that intercommunicating each other in paternal-filial love all Their being when They love each other, arises radiant, triumphant and glorious, from the Father and the Word, the Person-Love: the Holy Spirit, in inter-returning kiss of divine and loving fatherhood and filiation. […]

For, although what makes the Father beget is the sapientally infinite contemplation of His being; because the life of God is an eternal present, without parts, without beginning and without end, without now nor after;
the Father is eternally and infinitely contemplating in His bosom, not only His essential being Himself of infinite self-sufficiency and subsistence, but He is contemplating His Word, His person and His being;
and He is contemplating the eternal moment of His eternal begetting of His Word;
and He is contemplating the eternal moment of His Son being begotten, that Son who is begotten and is being begotten as the fruit of His contemplation.

And, at that same eternal instant, the Father is contemplating in His bosom the person of the Holy Spirit, and the loving origin of the Holy Spirit of His Son and of Himself; of that Holy Spirit who is the loving fruit of His divine fatherhood and of His begotten Son. […]

Thus the Father, in His sole Look, encompasses all His infinite perfection;
and He is contemplating His Son and the eternal instant in which His Son is begotten;
the eternal instant in which He begets and in which His begotten Son emerges;
and the eternal instant of the Two loving each other with the Holy Spirit and in the Holy
and the instant of the Holy Spirit being breathed by Both;
and the instant-instant in which He Himself and His Word love Their being and Their persons with the Holy Spirit;
and the Holy Spirit’s return in a kiss of love to the Father and to the Son. […]

In one word: the Word expresses all that which the Father contemplates, although the Word is the fruit of the Look, in contemplation, of the Father.

The Word is as infinite expressing, as infinite is the Father contemplating; since the Father gives Him everything, when He begets Him, so that He may express it to Him in a return of singing, infinite, eternal and loving filiation.

The Word is singing in a loving spelling out, in infinite explanation of being, as the expressive Word of the Father, the eternal instant of being Himself the Father, and the eternal instant of being He Himself.

And the Word is singing the eternal instant of the Holy Spirit’s emerging, as paternal and filial Love, from His bosom and from the Fa ther’s Bosom; since one sole life, one sole being and one sole bosom the Three are and have, each one in His personal manner;
He is singing the procession of the Holy Spirit and the being of the Holy Spirit;
and He is singing how He is by the Father and how the Holy Spirit is by the Father and by Himself.

The Word is expressing, in His sole Word, the persons with Their relations and Their processions;
and He is singing the whole being with all the infinity of attributes and perfections;
and He is expressing, in His infinite Canticle of being, how He Himself is the fruit, in filiation, of the contemplation of all the encompassing Look of the Father;
and also how the Holy Spirit is breathed from Both.

And the Holy Spirit is loving the eternal and encompassing Look of the Father, of which the Word is the fruit, and He, of the paternal-filial love.

And He is loving the eternal instant of the Father’s begetting and of the Word’s being begotten, of Both of them He is the love’s fruit, in a Person-Love.

And He is loving the same eternal instant of Him being Himself the love of the Father and the Word; and the eternal instant of His procession from the Father and from the Word in a kiss of reciprocal love, on the Father begetting and the Word expressing.

And He is loving the eternal instant of Him being the love of the Father for His own being and the love of the Word for His own being; and the eternal instant of Him being Himself the personal love for the persons and for the being.

And He is loving the eternal instant of His being the Person-Love in God by the Father and by the Word, for all that the Word has received from the Father, as expressive Word breaking into infinite touchings of consubstantial melodies;
and the eternal instant of His being Himself received from the Father and from the Son, owing to which He is the personal love in God. […]

What a happiness, what a felicity, what a repose, what a joy, that God be Himself, been in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in trinitarian intercommunication of familial life, a mystery of unity so consubstantial and intrinsically one, that He is three divine Persons who are and have one sole being and one sole life…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“THE GREAT MYSTERY OF GOD”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 15)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God is perfect, and he does everything well; but the creature breaks the plans of the Creator”, recorded on November 13th, 1994 (press PLAY):

The Father of Himself bursts forth into Love, and He of Himself bursts into Love in His Word, since the Word has the being received from the Father and it is the selfsame being of the Father, yet the Father contemplates such and that is how He begets, and the Word is begotten and expresses. (21-6-59)
Father, it is necessary that all Your children listen to the Word that springs forth from Your bosom… And for this, it is necessary to give It to them burning with the love of the Holy Spirit. (21-3-59)
The Father loves the Word, the Word loves the Father, and They love Themselves with all Their being; and that Love of Both is so perfect, that It is another person: the Holy Spirit. (19-2-62)