The life, mission and tragedy that Christ lived during His passion, death and resurrection, become particularly alive and palpitating during the Paschal Triduum.

Holy Thursday will be illuminated with this great gleaming splendour of light regarding the sublime moment of the Consecration of the Holy Mass.

Holy Friday is the day when Christ´s loneliness reaches the most dramatic apex of His life, and as a consequence, also of humanity.

Holy Saturday is a day filled with glory and flooded with the splendour of Christ´s triumph. As He enters into Eternity, it’s heard for the first time in Heaven: “Let the man be welcome to the Father´s bosom.”


“Oh, if I were a Priest…!”


Oh, if I were a priest…! Anointed, chosen and predestined to be, with Christ, a priest, a mediator who offers and who offers himself to the infinite Holiness, for the glory of that very eternal Holiness and for the salvation of the souls…! […]

If I were a priest and hold in my hands the white host to be consecrated for the glory of God and of all souls, all myself would place itself in the hands of the eternal Priest, so that He might use me according to his will; and I would return to the divine Gift […].all my being on the paten, preparing itself for the consecration where, united with Christ, I would be, with Him, Christ who would give to the Father all honour and glory!

Oh moment of the offertory wherein I would say to the divine Love amorous compliments, being a loving reply to his Gift, to that Gift which God, through me, would wish to communicate to all my souls…!

Oh, if I were a priest and I could offer to the Father my host and the chalice of salvation…! This would be the time of the self-giving to the infinite Love, and also the time to be received by the eternal Priest. […]

Oh, if I were a priest…! […] All my life would be a preparation for my Mass and a thanksgiving for it.

How my soul would vibrate at the approaching of that Great Moment of the Consecration…!, the great moment of my life…! Yes, this would be the great moment of my priestly life; the Moment of the Consecration, wherein the human creature, feeling raised to the priestly dignity, experiences that he is the chosen one, the anointed one, the confidant, and the one who has in his consecrated hands, by divine calling, the power to give God the greatest glory that can be given to Him in heaven and on earth. […]

Where is there a creature that can be raised up to that terrible dignity of being able to bring down the living God from the heavens? When could all the heavenly host be seen bowing to the ground, in surprising wait, worshipping this terrible moment, when you, priest, pronounce over this little piece of bread the words of consecration and of life, which make the very untouchable God run quickly, at your command, to get into that white host […]?

When could you dream, oh man, that you, so tiny and imperfect, full of miseries, and even of sins, would be the one to have the whole heaven waiting for this moment, this great moment!, wherein the Father’s bosom opens up to give you his Word, the Word that you will hold in your hands […]?

Were you aware of this reality of the consecration? […]

Whence to you that, at your voice, the whole heaven prostrates itself and even God Himself obeys your command? Who are you and to what dignity the Almighty has raised you, so that you can say with the very rightly: «This is my Body»? Words placed by God in your mouth so that thus you may be able to get out, of the divine bosom of the Trinity, the Second Person and bring Him down to earth. […]?

But to you, priest of Christ, son of my soul-Church, I, together with Mary Immaculate, the priests’ Mother, I say : Live your priesthood, place yourself in your Great Moment, give thanks for this inexpressible, inexplicable, incomprehensible and unimaginable, privilege of the priesthood. […]

Priest… Mediator… […] You are between heaven and earth transubstantiating your host! Exercise your priesthood…! Be a propitious bridge between God and men! […]

Look, priest of Christ, as I have already told you: when you say your word the Father’s bosom opens up before the surprise also of all the blessed ones, and God becomes Bread. And you what do you say? […]

But listen, even though you see yourself little and you are afraid, even though you do not know how to behave with your Host, nor how to respond to such a great Gift, even if you only feel like crying for my song to this Great Moment, do not distrust, because of the little ones is the Kingdom of Heaven. […] trust the love of The Good, the One Who made you a priest […].
It is the moment of the glorious song of the Mass, it is the moment to give glory to God; and you, «through Him, with Him, in Him», give all honour and glory. […]

It is now that you can give God the glory He expects from your priestly soul, how do you respond? […]

It is the moment to respond to The Love giving Him glory for his immense majesty. […] Tell Him how the whole of you wants to be a praise to his glory, an answer to his gift.

Intone the Our Father, preparing yourself for the terrible instant of the consummation of the Sacrifice. Invoke your Father […] And so, burning in the divine Love, under your unworthiness, receive that Bread of Life which from all eternity, loving you with infinite predilection, He chose you so that you yourself could eat the Host which, as a priest, you consecrated. […]

The Mass is about to end and God is now also waiting. He is expecting you to eat your Host in order to consummate the Sacrifice! It is you, priest of the New Testament, the one who began this great act, and the one who has to crown it.

Truly you can say with Christ: […] «Into your hands I commend my spirit». […]

And now go, do not delay, give me my Host, the one you consecrated for me because you are a priest!, that Host which was transubstantiated so that I, through you, could also receive God. […]

Oh, priest of the New Testament! If the grace of being a priest would have come upon me, in this very day, how would I have celebrated my Mass…!

Perhaps I would have been able to celebrate only one in my life, due to the terrible knowledge I have had of the Great Mystery of the Consecration.

That is why I ask you to listen to this poor song which this unworthy daughter of the Church sings to your soul: respond to The Love with your total gift. Do not look at yourself. Try to live on Christ, and be little so that you may be judged according to love.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE GREAT MOMENT OF THE CONSECRATION”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 6)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Live out your priesthood together with the High and Eternal Priest in order to give glory to God and life to souls”, recorded on July 26th, 1999 (press PLAY):


What a love of predilection the Lord has for your priestly soul…! Respond, dear son, as you can, because Love is asking for your gift of love in response to His gift. (29-9-63)
Give us, Lord, simple priests according to your heart, for pride, confusion, human respect and even the ill will of some, smother the little ones who, frightened, hide themselves, waiting for the moment of their liberation. (31-3-75)
The life of Mary was a full adherence to all the movements of Christ’s soul in His life, mission and tragedy. Her nuance was that of the Virgin-Mother. This has to be also the attitude that should shape the whole life of the priest of the New Testament. (25-10-74)