As we read the contents of today’s writing one can grasp the reason and the origin that makes The Work of the Church feel the need and the urgency to live permanently and continuously offered to the Lord on behalf of the People of God, the Holy Father and the Bishops of the Holy Mother Church.

The Lord, after introducing Mother Trinidad into His joy, profoundly and delightfully, made her understand, at the same time, the suffering and the fortitude of the Church –“a Tower of strength”– and how tiny she was at the feet of that very Church –like “a tiny shoe of the Church”– so simple and so insignificant. Yet, as one Bishop said in this regard: “without a tiny shoe one can hardly walk, and one’s feet hurt greatly….”

All along this writing, she refers to the silence she experiences on not being listened to as God wants, and to the solitude she has always lived in; the reason being that, unless the Church does not cease to weep because of the grief and incomprehension of her very own children, Mother Trinidad, as the Echo of the Church, will not cease to live, fully merged with the Church, Her dramatic loneliness and Her sorrowful grief.

And when she might not be here with us any longer, and can no longer suffer, her Work of the Church will do so for the ages to come.


“I know of the Church’s sufferings and glory”


O sovereignty of the infinite Power…! O sublime and consubstantial excellence of the Divine Family…!

O splendour of the magnificence of He who Is! who, being and having in Himself, by Himself and for Himself His very reason for being, freely and voluntarily wants, in an outpouring of His infinite will, to donate Himself –full of compassion, tenderness and love in an overflow of infinite mercy– to man. […]

And for that, by means of an unsuspected and overflowing wonder of compassion, love and tenderness towards fallen humanity, by the will of the Father and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, “the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” (Cf. Jn 1: 14)

[…] God’s self-giving to man being realized in the most pure inner being of the Virgin, the new Eve promised by God to our first Parents, who would crush the head of the dragon through the Fruit of Her blessed womb; who would take away the sins of the world, releasing us from death and raising us to a new life. […]

And in order to remain with us until the consummation of the ages, He founded His Church, entrusting with Her the Apostles, descendants of Israel, humble Fishermen of Galilee and their Successors. […]

He being the light of Your eyes through the sparkling and sapient bright stars of His very divinity; and by You and through You, Church of mine, beloved Church, He gives Himself to us with a Father’s heart, making You the expression of the infinite Canticle of the Word and burning You in the overwhelming and gladdening fire of the Holy Spirit Himself. […]

Church of mine…! how beautiful You are…! Advance triumphant, Daughter of Jerusalem, for there will be none to get in Your way! […]

You are holy with God’s Holiness, virgin with His Virginity, queen with His Dominion, strong with His Strength, beautiful with His Beauty, divine and divinising with the very Divinity that saturates You, enriches You and ennobles You as Spouse of the Lamb without blemish […]

Church of mine! Church Holy…! on the 30th of March of 1959 You have been presented to me by God Himself all dressed in mourning, covering Your rich jewels with a black mantle; with Your inner being torn by the children who left Your Motherly bosom, “found wandering after the flocks of Your companions.”. (Sg 1: 7) […]
But… look at the way She weeps…! Look at the Church weeping for Her lost children…! […]

How many children who, in one way or another, left and leave the Church sunken, overwhelmed and torn apart in the hair-raising, chilling, heartrending, dramatic and immolating silence of the incomprehension…! […]

And those who treacherously, like Judas, seek the moment to hand Her over the hands of Her enemies; because they are rapacious wolves who, treacherously, dressed in sheepskin and meek lamb, hastily plot the way to disfigure Her and, even were it possible, to make Her disappear. […]

Materialism, confusion, sensuality, impurity, pride –Lord! what word should I use…?– they have covered with dust and as though buried! the eternal reality that the Church, New and Heavenly Jerusalem, has in Herself lived, possessed and aflame in infinite longings to communicate it. […]

Where is God in the hearts of the majority of men and of many children of the Church…? And where are the children of the Church who, living not only by the material senses but also by the spiritual, discover the infinite light of truth in all its truth, and be living witnesses, by their life and their word, of God and Jesus Christ His One He sent…? […]

Church of mine, how do I see You…! How do I understand today that the world be in darkness for wanting to take away from You the beauty with which Your Bridegroom has bedecked You…! […]

How I see the Church…! O how I see the Church…!

Like an invincible rock of unusual charity, in terrible power, replete with the living God, in Her resplendent light, full of Divinity…! […]

A dense night covers the New Jerusalem, the City of God amongst men, wrapped in dark storm clouds of confusion which conceal the resplendent light of Christ’s face, filling up to the brim and beautifying Her with His very divinity…!! […]

Look at the condition in which has come to my mind that reality which, being left engraved in my soul in the year 1959, made me clamour that it was God’s will that the Virgin should be placed in the Church in the place that befits Her as Mother of God and of the Church Herself, who is the fruit of Her divine Motherhood…! […]

And so many times, since the 18th of March of 1959 in one way or another God showed me the Church so beautiful…! so sublime…! so divine and so Lady…!

Spouse as a Youth of the immaculate Lamb, wedded to Him in eternal marriage. […]

I am the Echo of the Church and the Church is my song.

[…] Church, pride of mine…! Yes, You are my pride, my glory, my banner and my crown, Church of mine…! Yes, I do not have other pride than to be daughter of God and daughter of the Church. […]

[…] Church! You are beautiful! I never saw You like that…! I have seen You bejewelled and in mourning, but I have never seen You pouring out, as You pour out, in holiness, justice, truth, mercy and love…! […] You pour out in motherhood with the Father, in song with the Word and in love with the Holy Spirit…!

Church of mine, New and Heavenly Jerusalem, You are so beautiful!! I love You so much!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
 Booklet n. 12)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):

Window´s chapel of Mother Trinidad´s natal house in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

My Church, the Father gives You His Word so that He may open up His loving bosom to You, the Word speaks to You the whole secret of eternal life, and the Holy Spirit sets You ablaze with His fire, depositing in You His treasures and charisms, so that, by Your means, souls may live their divine filiation and enter into the Father’s Bosom. My Church, how beautiful You are! how much I love You!
In the bosom of my Church there are opened caverns not healed, bleeding, awaiting to be filled with the return of the children who left Her wounded, tearing apart Her inner being, on departing from Her bosom of Mother… (14-11-59)
When God wants to tell me what He is, according to my capacity, He becomes incarnate and, through Mary, He tells me His secret in the bosom of the Church, who details it to me in small bits and pieces as a good mother, to give me the divinity in loving expression. (15-3-63)