When one penetrates the mysteries of faith with the light of the Holy Spirit the words of Sacred Scripture reach a new, rich and manifold dimension of nuances as regards its content.

The poetry, the theological rigour, the sublime song and true love are merged in this writing that thrills the soul and introduces it into the transcendent moment of the Incarnation.

“Universal Motherhood of Mary”


“The Holy Spirit will come upon You and the power of the Most High will overshadow You; therefore the child to be born will be Holy, and will be called Son of God.”.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon You…” in the impetus of his force, to rest like Spouse on his beloved, in sweet loving tenderness; to kiss You, oh White Virgin! with tender murmurs of infinite caress, in the profound depth of your soul, where, in sacred expression, You exhale, in sweet breathing, one sole clamour, God…! Only God…!

Lady of the Incarnation…: Only God…! Bride of the beautiful Love…: Only God…! In an emptiness so complete of all that is not He and in an adherence so deep to He who Is himself, that You are wholly the Virgin: the White Virgin replete and saturated with divinity; the Virgin possessed only by the Sublime One; the Virgin adhered to the eternal Virginity in the immutable act of his infinite holiness; the Virgin in the majestic mastery of the possession of He who Is himself.

The power of the Queen of Heaven consists in the dominion over everything, in the absolute freedom and in the possession, filled in each instant of her virginity by the sole Spouse, who, in fullness, saturates Her, ennobles Her, beautifies Her and adorns Her.

The Lady is holy because the divine Sanctifier sanctifies Her by resting upon Her in sweet colloquies of love, filling Her completely with all his gifts and fruits, in a fullness of grace so overflowing, that it is known and tasted only in the hidden depth of her immaculate soul.

The Virgin is White because her virginity’s splendour is so unimaginably glowing, that the sun’s midday glares are eclipsed by the immaculate clarity of her soul; which, enthralled and ennobled by God’s possession who surrounds Her, makes Her sparkle in the brightness of the Divinity itself, saturating Her with gleaming aureoles of glorious whiteness.

The Holy Spirit, with the sharpness of his infinite wisdom and the unprecedented tenderness of his savouring sweetness, penetrates sharply, in candescent kiss of love, the virginal innermost being of Our Lady’s soul. And She, always awaiting, feels herself divinized with the substantial touch of the Holy Spirit himself, who, when kissing Her, pervades Her with divinity, enshrouds Her with his loving murmur, caresses Her with his infinite tenderness, bedecks Her with the fullness of his gifts, making Her break out into joyful fruits overflowing with peace, like a divine Consort, in the fire of his love.

Statue of Our Lady the Queen. Chapel of The Work of the Church in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

The eternal Spouse wants to fecundate the Virgin in a mystery of such deep fruitfulness, at that point-point where her immaculate virginity lives solely with God alone in sacred loneliness of intimate and impetuous loves, that, when kissing Her, shakes Her in his silent and sonorous gentleness so wondrously, so much, so much, so much! that in the “Kiss of his Mouth,” in “loves more delightful than wine,” He fecundates Her so divinely, that, at that very instant, the Lady, the Virgin, the Queen, is now Mother, covered by the shadow of the Almighty, under the shelter of the Father’s might and introduced into his bosom, sustained by Divinity itself, that “with his right arm embraces Her and with his left hand sustains Her” so that She may withstand the infinite impetus of the Love.

It’s the Holy Spirit who, when impelling the Word from the Father’s bosom to Our Lady’s bosom, at the same instant and in one sole impulse, when kissing Her in a kiss of divinity, makes Her break out into divine Motherhood. And, that’s why, “the child to be born from Her will be Holy and be called Son of God.”

The Mystery of the Incarnation, brought about by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, makes the White Virgin of the Incarnation be all Mother, with the power of infinite Royalty and in the dominion which is given to Her by the possession of Him who is everything, who can do everything, and who works in Her everything through the infinite impulse of his eternal love.

And at this very veiled instant in which the Virgin, being Virgin, feels herself Mother, saturated with the infinite wisdom of Him who burns Her, penetrates Her savourably, in the shining brightness of the light of the New Day, in the mystery which is taking place in Her, shrouded and covered by the Almighty’s shadow and brought about by the Holy Spirit’s divine kiss. Ineffable mystery of the union of the divine nature and the human nature in the Word’s Person, who, becoming flesh in Our Lady’s bosom, makes Her be the Mother of the beautiful Love, the Mother of the Incarnate Mercy!

Divine Motherhood of Mary, which She knows consciously at the moment in which it is brought about, and that, in the “yes” of her whole adoring being, in a total response, is sealed in the silent concealment of the Sancta Sanctorum of her immaculate virginity…!

Fruitful virginity which, breaking out into motherhood by the Holy Spirit’s power, enshrouding the mystery that is brought about in the Lady, gives Her the sublime dignity which enables Her to call, very rightly, the Son of God: my Son…!

And He is hers because He is the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s kiss in her Virgin’s soul; a kiss so full that, embracing the whole plan of God over Mary, fashioned in her soul of Virgin-Mother such an immensity of nuances, that in it was also contained, tightly and sharply introduced into Our Lady’s soul, the universality of her divine Motherhood.

The Virgin in addition to being mother of God himself, very rightly, in the extension of this same motherhood, is Mother of each and every man, who, as a whole and individually, are, in the depth of her spirit, fruit of the infinitely loving kiss of the Holy Spirit at the very moment of the Incarnation.

And Mary is the Mother of the Whole Christ –Head and members– by the power of the Holy Spirit, who, in the union of his charity, in the strength of his omnipotence, brought about that the Father’s Son should be Mary’s Son, and that, in Mary’s Son, each and everyone of us should become God’s sons and sons of the Virgin-Mother.

Universal Motherhood of Mary…! Mother of the Church by the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s Kiss which, in a romance of infinite love, made Her break out into divine Motherhood!

Divine wonder
of the eternal Power…
sublime romance,
secret mystery…
abyssal depth
which I contain in my breast
and which I know
because, transcending,
I entered into that day
of unprecedented dream,
when God was kissing
with so much silence
the Virgin-Mother
in her concealment,
that the sapient Father
of sublime Power
gave Her as a Son
his very Word,
the Father’s singing Word,
in her chest!
Mystery of life
alien to this earth,

worked by God
in such a beautiful way,
that the Virgin is Mother
by the eternal kiss
of her loving Spouse
who alighted in her bosom…!Lover of loves,
today I break out into sacred love words
and into so many tendernesses
whereby I understand,
that I, overwhelmed,
become one with the Word
and thus with my children
enshrouded in your chest,
all of us say to You
with sweet accents:
All beautiful Virgin,
burning star,
“I-We” love You so much,
in such a sweet way,
that, when calling You Mother,
we fly up to Heaven!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL COME UPON YOU…”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 5)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):


Only the Lady, due to a miracle of Infinite Love, was able to be Virgin and, ever remaining so, Bride of the Holy Spirit; and, as a fruit of Her virginity, Mother. (24-12-76)
Mother, You are like the white Host, Who shrouds and hides the Word of Life become man out of love. Let us adore the mystery of Your womb, where God calls You: “My Mother,” so that You may respond to Him: “My Son…” What a sweet reality! (7-12-74)
Christ has in Himself the Father and the Holy Spirit and, as members of His Mystical Body, all men; this gathering of God with man occurs in the womb of the Virgin; for this reason, She is the Mother of all of God’s children, who, in Her, are grafted onto Christ and receive the gift of divine life. (19-9-66)