Taking refuge under the protection of Our Lady has been one of the most common practices of Her children during the entire history of the Church. In faith matters the common sense of the People of God does not err. You may not know to give exhaustive reasons that will convince most scholars, but it has always worked. Indeed.

The reason being that God, our Father, moves to compassion at the requests of Our Lady in the presence of two conditions: one is to recognize that without Her we are in the darkest of nights. The second one is that God cannot deny anything to Mary’s splendid Virginity. Simply by entrusting all our sorrows – even those of the Universal Church – in the folds of Her mantle is enough for Her to come hastily to help us.

“The Lady appears”

When the problems of life hound,
the Lady appears shining, in my mind,
as light in my way,
as torch in a terrifying night.

And my longing seeks in Her
the conquests of the glories of the Immense,
since She is a welcoming Mother,
who protects with the powerful strength of the Eternal One.

My prayers are trust,
and in her zeals palpitating of maternal caresses
I am leaving all I have,
and I rest rested with the fruits of her breast.

She is a Lady with immense power,
who, as a co-redemptrix Mother, being Virgin,
snatches the loves from the living God.

My conquest lies in Mary’s arms,
because She shelters me, when I implore
in request of clamorous silence.

Today my soul is afflicted
by the palpitating wound of the Church;
and I have looked at the Lady,
who has said to me with nobility:

Don’t be afflicted by the projects that expire
with the men of this earth,
your resource is on High;
with the creases of my cloak I shroud it.

I am the Mother who obtains in virginal power
whatever I want from the living God,
since He made me Lady of the heavens,
in his infinite design.

Trust, don’t hesitate,
your things I obtain.


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia