Mother Trinidad has spoken often of “the profanation of my Secret,” that is: upon living and experiencing the depth of the mysteries of faith, she perceives there is an abyssal depth between what these truths really are and what she grasps of them; between what she perceives and what she expresses there exists another abyss; and still, between what she expresses and what we perceive upon reading her experiences there exists another abyss.

After all these statements we will understand better the efforts made to help us discern at least the content of her experiences by the multiplication of adjectives and epithets with a very rich diversity of nuances. A richness that bring us closer to the mystery of God’s being and doing.

In the first poem almost in every stanza we can discover different nuances in God’s workings in her soul: “impetuous kiss,” “romance of love,” “deep heartbeat,” “breathes there inside,” “piercing cautery,” “sharp penetration”… These are all invitations to unveil what she lives: “let my chest break out in songs!”….

In the second poem, “My peace,” it is striking how many efforts she makes to find comparisons that may help us grasp her profound experience of one of the infinite divine attributes: “God is peace”.



“The Love is surrounding me”


The Love is kissing
with impetuous kiss,
in silence.

Like a romance of loves,
He is saying words,
in secret.

Deep is His heartbeat,
in my marrow I feel it,
without concepts.

Since the living God “breathes”
where He dwells, therein,
in my bosom.

Inside is my Lover,
in piercing cautery;
like a fiery arrow,
this I notice.

Kissing are the volcanoes
which short arrows at my chest
with sharp penetration
of mystery.

The Love is surrounding
the silenced encounters
of His silent passing,
in cauteries.

Moved heart,
beat inside the chest!
in beats of pure love,
for God conceals Himself with fire
in your enclosure.

Infinite Majesty
in infinitude of Immense,
You pass kissing upon kissing
from Your height to this earthly ground,
behind the veils.

Conversations that invite,
by the voices of silence,
to adore the Infinite
in the everlasting way
of the Heavens…

Let my chest break out in songs!
burst out, in his quiet way,
uttering the excellences
of the Infinite One in His being Himself
on earth!

Burning flames of pure love,
fill my chest with live coals!
because God passes kissing
inside, with His eternal way,
at my centre.

Leave me, creatures,
go straight past this enclosure!
Do not interrupt the loves
between my soul and my Master,
in words of love!

Leave me, for God kisses me,
deep, very deep inside,
in the chest…!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


“My peace”


Peace is like the breeze of the sea
on a calm day,
in the resounding of its serene waves
that come and go
without letting them reveal their task,
because they are calm
in their being and in their doing,
according to what they are.

Peace is something deep, secret,
that is contained in the depth of the chest
and is lived in mystery
of quiet silence.
And, in its breeze of going and coming,
their savours impregnate with joy,
in their being and in their doing,
like sweet nourishment.

Peace is a living
of such tenuous accents,
that, in divine and eternal savourings,
one feels Him who Is, unknowingly.

Peace is such a sure why,
that it leaves, in its centre replete
him who lives comfortably established
and is founded
on the savoured taste which surrounds the Immense.

Whoever lives on God,
seeking only to keep Him happy,
willing nothing but that,
that one finds the secret
that contains the peace
in his being and in his doing,
which is God Himself,
living in his centre.
Since the peace is knowing himself
to know what has to be
and have it attained,
and, even more, possessed deeply inside.

Peace is like the sea
with its tranquil waves
in the serene days,
when, though they come and go,
nothing disturbs the calmness
of the sweet mission
that has been assigned to them.

Like a silent breeze is
the peace in my chest,
in rumours of Glory
and in Heaven’s silence,
in sublime sweetness,
like an infinite kiss
of God at my centre.

God Himself is the Peace
mysterious, divine and secret,
that impregnates my being with His breath;
it is God Himself who kisses my soul
with the silent breeze
of the volcano that has Him locked up
in His concealment.

It is God Himself,
who, being infinite sweetness,
rocks me with the gentle radiance
of His flight.

God Himself is
the sweetness of infinite peace
that I feel!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia