We run the risk in disguise of doing things only out of duty, as a “must”, simply because everyone does it, or because now it’s the season for such things, etc. Such attitude empties out these very actions from their real meaning. Thus, we are able to face the most sublime realities living them out of routine, even the daily celebration of Holy Mass, even Christmas itself!

May the Holy Spirit keep us always on fire with His loving flames and may He increase the desire in us to behold with His light the Mystery of Christmas. And may the sweet and divine motherhood of the Virgin lead us into this “mystery of unprecedented tenderness” that is God with us.

With these sentiments we wish one another and all a:


Merry Christmas!


          In the silence of the infinite mystery the veil of the Sancta Sanctorum was drawn;and, in sapiential utterance of lovingWisdom, the Father spoke His Word in the womb of Our Lady, by the lulling of the Holy Spirit; Who so fecundly kissed Her, that made Her break into divine Motherhood. And ever since that moment the Virgin is now Mother, and Mother of God; and God is now Son of the Virgin Mother, so that She, in manifestation of the divine will, might give Him to us in the sacred night of Bethlehem, full of love and tenderness. (Christmas 1974)

          In the night of Bethlehem, the Virgin Mary placed Jesus in the cradle, because God “came to His own, and they received Him not…,” Mystery of God’s infinite love for man, and of man’s lovelessness for God! (11-12-73)

          Jesus, I want to receive You with all the tenderness and affection of my heart, in loving response, that You may rest and smile in the night laden with mystery of Bethlehem; with the only desire that You find in this soil of lovelessness, comfort for Your tender ailing chest. (19-12-74)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia