Therefore, on wanting to manifest what the life of faith is, I cannot do so unless, beforehand, I enter into the mystery of our Divine Family, into that life which is infinite activity of full happiness, of eternal perfection, of divine fullness and of Trinitarian communication.

God, in His infinite life, is eternally happy in homey communication. He has in Himself all that He needs, in such lordship and in such inexpressible richness, that all He is, He is Himself so of Himself. No one can make Him increase or decrease in anything because in Him, in His fullness of perfection, so that He can possess everything, He even has the infinite power to be Himself the One who is Himself of Himself, and in this also resides the infinite kingship, the absolute power. […]

God lives His life for Himself and, in a design of His eternal wisdom, wants us to live that very life. […]

And, oh incomprehensible mystery, which man could never have been able to imagine and which only the Almighty could perform!: God becomes Man and man becomes God’s son; God Himself, in divine and human Song, spells out to us, in Mary and through Her, His infinite life.

The speech of God runs His command. He always does what He says, that is why, on wanting to tell us His life, He realises it amongst us. […]
God chooses a People to whom He will tell that life, realising it amongst them. This glorious People is the New Jerusalem on earth, it is the Church.
In the Church, therefore, God is living His life for Himself and for us; He speaks Himself His life for Himself through His Word, and for us through His Incarnate Word. […]

God Himself, in communication, is the life of the Church. That is why the Church bursts forth overflowing with Divinity; that is why the Church is the face of God on earth; because it is the Church that tells us in divine and human conversation, across all ages, in a saying that is accomplished in our souls through Her Liturgy, God’s very life. […]
And it is the Church that, through Her Liturgy and through the Sacraments, unites us with Christ, and perpetuates His life for us. It is the Church who is the one that gives us the mission of Christ Himself which is to communicate God’s life to all mankind, it is the Church that brings us into contact with the three divine Persons that we may live from Their life, the one Who introduces us into the mystery of the Incarnation, and therefore into Mary, thus perpetuating for us also the Motherhood of the Virgin, since it is in Her and through Her that the divine life was given to us. And it is the Church that one day will bring us together with the glorious Christ to Eternity. […]

Many times we ask: What is the life of faith? It is the whole infinite deposit that Christ has communicated and perpetuated, become life, in the bosom of the Church.

The life of faith is not a cold thing, nor concerns scientific study; it is the whole plentiful richness of the Infinite One, that has been spoken to us in a romance of love. All that the Church says and manifests to us, in continuing the song of the Word, is what the treasure of our life of faith is. Faith brings us into contact with God, because it is faith that spells out the richest mysteries of our Christianity to us.  […]

To live by faith is to live from God, from Christ, from Mary; it is to immerse oneself into the life of the three divine Persons, it is to receive the message of the Incarnate Word; it is to shelter oneself beneath the Motherhood of Mary; it is to listen, to receive and to adhere oneself to all that the Church tells us in Her communication regarding the divine mysteries. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

The Father, in knowing Himself, breaks out into an Utterance of fire. That Utterance is His Word, His Son, the One who speaks all that is contained in the bosom of the Trinity, since He is the Expression of the eternal reality. But this Saying or this Utterance that is said by the Father, is only pronounced in the love of the Holy Spirit. That is why, he who wants to listen to the divine Word coldly and without love, does not receive the Word, because the Word is only communicated and said in love within the bosom of the Trinity and within the souls that open themselves to the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit Himself.

Soul-Church, whoever you may be, open yourself to what the Word says to you in the bosom of the Church. […] Don’t forget either that God’s life is very different from what you think, from what you understand, from what you know…. Your human concepts are useless before faith, and that is why sometimes you think that faith is dark, not because it is such in itself, but because you are blind. Try to explain how the sun is to a blind person, for unless his blindness goes away, he will see darkness all around him.

The means to live in the light is to become little, since only to the little ones are the secrets of the Father revealed. You have also to listen to the Lord in long periods of intimacy with Him, so that love may gradually take possession of your soul and thus the wisdom of the divine realities, which is only communicated in love, can become life in you.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The mystery of Faith”, from the book “La Iglesia y su Misterio.” 

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Pope Francis with Montrance

The gift of wisdom is the first gift of the Holy Spirit, the most relishing, the sharpest one, the most penetrating, because it brings us into direct communication with God and His mysteries. And such a sublime gift is the loving fruit that the Father wishes to communicate to the little ones and those who are despised according to the world. (6-11-63)

My faith is clear and certain, more that the vision of objects discovered by my eyes, because it is, inside my heart, much like a volcano of divine light, opened in loving request. (9-12-72)

God gives Himself to the soul, and the soul receives Him, He gives Himself as divine gift; the ways through which He gives Himself are countless, as are the fruits when receiving Him and living Him. And this is performed in us because we receive Him by faith, we live Him by hope and adhere to Him through charity. (5-9-66)