Nostalgia for Eternity is the law that rules the life of Christians until we completely possess God in Heaven. In this piece of writing the fluidity, profundity and familiarity with the Trinitarian life become contagious and really attractive.

As if taken by the hand through these writings, the Lord brings us to the transcendence of His mysteries, and the more one gets lost inside them, the more our certainty grows that one day we will be there in the beauty and fruitfulness of God’s very Being. There is a short distance from this point to desire and ardently thirst for Eternity, and in this way does Mother Trinidad present how “The pure love in Heaven” is, enlivening and warming the Creed’s truth, “I believe life everlasting”, which we recite every Sunday.


“I urgently need to glory
in the fact that You are so happy”

How happy is God…! What a Being so blissful…! What an infinite happiness that of my Lord…! He is all joy, in such infinity, plenitude and fruitfulness from being happy and blissful, that He is himself Three. […]

How happy is God! what irradiation of joy so infinite and eternal that of his being! that all the blessed, at the moment of contemplating Him, will be left oblivious of themselves, in profound adoration of surrendered love, intoning an eternal Holy of glorious thanksgiving to the Being that, from being so happy, is himself Three.

In such a way God is himself happy that, for being himself happy, we all will be so, having our most essential joy and our pure love in rejoicing at seeing Him so joyful, so happy and so being. That is why the soul, at the moment of entering eternity, becomes, according to its capacity, an act of pure love. Since the Infinite One’s happiness has exceeded and surpassed so infinitely the need that it has for being happy, that the very happiness of the Infinite One, leaving the soul oblivious of itself, places it in this act of pure love which consists in rejoicing and being happy because God is so being, so blissful and so infinite; being all of it a hymn of glory that tells Him:

Love, You have stolen me in such a way, that my greatest joy is to know that You are so happy, and give You thanks for that.

And as a consequence of this first essential and most pure glory that the soul has of rejoicing in the fact that God is God, comes this other one, when seeing itself, at that very instant, become God by participation, immersing itself with the divine pupils in the contemplation of the Infinite One, and breaking out in an eternal participation in the Word, being all of it Word that says to God, according to its capacity, what He is, and loving God as it needs so, by participation in the Holy Spirit.

Full of joy, the soul rejoices because it is God by participation, and because it provides all the blessed with the joy of seeing it so God and so happy; having as most essential glory the happiness of rejoicing in God, in the fact that He is so happy and blissful, and its second glory, also essential, in participating in God, since it rejoices, not so much in the fact that it participates in Him, but in God’s accidental content when giving himself to be shared by his creature.

In such a way does God make the soul be Him by transformation, that it is also the joy of the blessed. And since each one of them participates like this in God and rejoices like this in Him, it so happens that, being God all in everybody, there is only one cry in heaven: rejoice in God, in the fact that He is himself so happy in himself, and in the fact that He is so happy when making blissful all the blessed.

Being God all in everybody, and everybody being God by participation, there will not be in heaven anything other than God, because we will all love each other and we will enjoy each other, when seeing God in each one and how each one loves Him and is in the highest degree of pure love, loving Him according to his capacity.

I now understand, Love, why in heaven we will all love each other so much. Because I will see there that everybody has his essential joy in seeing You so blissful; and, as all are in that highest degree of love which consists in rejoicing in seeing You so happy, my soul will also be a thanksgiving to all the souls because they love You like this.

I will give You thanks eternally for your being so blissful, and I will give You thanks eternally, oh Love, because all the beings who participate in You have their greatest joy, being in the highest degree according to their capacity, in giving You thanks because You are so happy,
so Being, so God, so One and so Three, for I have no more joy than to see You so joyful, to know You so happy, to contemplate You so eternal.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “The pure love in Heaven”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Opusc. 7

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “PURE LOVE ON EARTH”, recorded on August 9th, 1992 (press PLAY):


The most essential joy in Eternity will not be my rejoicing in God, but my rejoicing in God because He is in Himself, of Himself and for Himself, without needing of me to be what He is. (14-8-74)
Let us rejoice, because nothing nor anybody will be able to snatch from God even a speckle of the glory He is Himself and has Himself of Himself in the infinite company of His being Himself Family! Let us rejoice and rest in this; all else matters not. (20-9-74)
God is God for His being God, because He is what He is of Himself and unto Himself; and this which can seem such a cold thing, is the eternal bliss of the blessed and the fullest joy of my soul. (30-1-59)