As we peacefully and reflexively proceed to read these series of thoughts, then we find ourselves introduced into a divine atmosphere as regards the pressing need we feel to keep silence, to run forth at the foot of the Tabernacle and to get into prayer in order to “see, hear and be imbued” with the presence of Christ.

The divine melody which is perceived in the silence that surrounds us when facing the Eucharist envelops and nourishes the soul with the streams of living Waters, there where “deep calls to deep in the roar of His torrents.”



         Before the mystery of the Eucharist, enthralled by the silence of its secret, overcome by love, adoring, I respond as I can to the infinite self-gift of Your love. (17-10-72)

         The silence of the cross is a canticle of eternal love to men. Christ gave His life by dying and He gives Himself up as food in the shivering silence of the Eucharist. Mysteries that only the man of faith knows how to penetrate by the relishing taste of the Holy Spirit! (6-1-75)

         How much silence that of the Eucharist, and what a concert of infinite love it contains! (1-2-64)

        The silent loneliness of the tabernacle is the most expressive explanation of Infinite Love unknown and not received. (29-1-73)

        The infinite concert of the Eternal Silent is heard behind the doors of the tabernacle, when one only seeks to give rest to Love offended by the lack of love. (3-2-76)

        When I remain silent, I begin to lose all earthly things, and I feel myself introduced into “there” in sacred gentleness; and little by little, I start to notice a silent concert, breaking into voices from the Eternal, in infinite love of loving communication. (3-2-76)

Tabernacle of the Chapel in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

         The loving soul knows how to listen, without earthly noises, the expressive and infinite Word, in the silence of the white Host. (12-11-74)

         I need the sacred mystery of the silence of the tabernacle, more than the thirsty deer needs the waters of the crystal stream, since only there my tormenting thirst will be quenched. (9-3-77)

         Let us go to the silence of our tabernacles, to the one of our hearts, to the silence of Mary’s womb and to the silence of God’s breast… And “there” we will know the innermost secret of Christ’s mystery, that encloses God and man, all that is divine and created, for Christ is the infinite and created fullness.

         What a mystery that of the silence of the Tabernacle! And what a deep silence contains the mystery of the Eucharist…!


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración”