“And like an imperial eagle, […] when the soul to the heavens is heaved […] where a crystalline torrent torrentially wells forth, to satisfy the thirsty souls who cross the thresholds of destiny…”

It is difficult to explain – by human reasoning alone – that a poem about death can turn into a reality overflowing with fullness and life. Such is the case of the current piece of writing that you can find below. It is like a torrential stream of melody that enfolds and draws the reader, with the sweet and impetuous waves of its triumphant notes, to the very shores of Eternity. And… how different it is, from there, to contemplate the end of our earthly life!


“The sumptuous and magnificent gates of Heaven”

When I consider that delirious moment
when your Bosom shall open its Gates,
when I, after life’s night, shall peer
into the mysterious depths of Your Face;
so profound is the joy that in me I feel!
that the horrible instant of death
is transformed, within me,
into an overflowing bliss,
for I know it is the step transcendent
that propels me, like a blazing ray,
into the secret of your incandescent Breast.

O the Gates of the Heavens,
that tear open for me, once inside,
the sumptuous curtains of that Temple,
behind which the Holy of Holies lies
celebrating His Mystery
in the venturous bliss of the Coeternal…!

O luminous Gates, from behind you one feels
eternal melodies in concerts never perceived,
and resounds the volcanoes’ deep groan
fired by the burning flames of their fires…!

O palpitating sound
with which the Eternal One,
sweetly flutters,
in His silent breath,
the explanatory Word
that in His mystery He utters …!

What a transcendent moment,
when the reverent soul
is introduced into that Bosom’s depths…!;
and contemplates, in flight, how Love enfolds them both,
with the lulling daylight of His hugging Kiss…!

What mystery sublime…!
Such moment…!
when the sumptuous Gates of that Temple shall open;
and the curtains be drawn,
and the Mystery shall be discovered;
and the luminous Suns shall shine and glow
in the palpitating breast of the Sublime One…

What a moment, the moment of death!
that tears and rips with its pitiful night
the sorrows of exile,
and bids farewell, after its icy cry,
to this body’s chains,
to give way to the soul’s taking flight,
on the wing of a mysterious flying,
to the sumptuous and magnificent gates of Heaven.

What a moment, the moment of death!
when the body stays still,
when the soul swiftly soars,
like a triumphant eagle,
after the breeze of its flight,
to cross the deep depths of the abyss
that separates life from death,
earth from the Heavens,
men from the Angels,
Glory from exile,
in a flight, astounding,
towards the venturous Bosom of the Good God.

And like an imperial eagle, from the corpse relieved,
the soul, victorious, to the Heavens is heaved
to satisfy the dryness of its painful wants
in the clear water Springs of the Eternal One,
where a crystalline torrent torrentially wells forth,
to satisfy the thirsty souls
who cross the thresholds of destiny…

O the Gates of the Heavens
with their triumphant curtains
that hide, behind their mystery,
the Holiest, Who is veiled
by the burning flashes of His fires,
and the Immense One, Who is hidden
with His glory behind the veils…!

O sumptuous Gates!
when the curtains are drawn, and I enter after my flight…

O Glorious Gates!
open out, for I hasten on my way.
I am speeding up my flight!!!



Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia