The contents of faith are unending and only in Eternity will we be able, in full light, to possess its greatness. In the meantime, here on earth, everything is contained in this word which is full of profound meaning: TO LIVE.

To the extent that the Church may gradually fulfil the mission that God has entrusted Her in regard to each one of us, we will be filled more and more with the knowledge of the living and life-giving God, and the word TO LIVE will achieve then its true dimension in our life.


“How will you fulfil your longing to live?”


To live…! This is the need that all rational beings, created by the Infinite One, do experience.

To live is the law that we all carry inscribed on our souls. That is why, when death arrives, for those who do not have faith life ends, and that cry that each man holds inscribed within him demanding life, rebels against. And at this mystery that presents to them the contrast of death and the need to live, those poor little ones who have not deepened the mystery of life, they get confused, seeing in the natural death the complete destruction of all that they experience within them regarding love, life, happiness, beauty, eternity. […]

To live…! We have been created for Eternity. Those of us who live by faith, hope and charity, we know that the word life, which we carry engraved on our soul, is the delightful end, the glorious prize for which we have been created, through which, by our participation in God, we will be made blessed for all Eternity.

You who feel the need to live, who are seeking many pleasures and the happiness that can only be found in God, try to live by hope the truths that faith presents to you, and you will see then that a sort of love will be kindled in your being which will make you live a life that neither natural death nor time will ever take away from you. […]

Christian, whomever you may be, who through baptism are already consecrated, you who have surrendered yourself to live for God, who desire to glorify Him, think that you have to give life to souls, since your consecration has given you a universal dimension. Let no one tell you: you who knew what Life was, you who for your being Church had the divine Word in your bosom, what are you doing in not giving me the life that through you the Lord wants to bestow on me? Teach me how to live so I can also have life, be happy and glorify God!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Year 1977

If, moreover, you have devoted yourself to God through priesthood or consecration, all men demand from you the divine nourishment that God has bestowed on you to be communicated to them.

I don’t feel envy towards anyone! for I have witnessed that the Lord told Thomas: “Because you have seen you believe, blessed are those who believed without seeing.” I bear imprinted on my soul the light of faith that is more certain to me than my own senses, feeling that what faith teaches me is more certain than all that I, through me, can learn. […]

I feel a kind of joy that the disciples of the Lord did not experience; which is that now, after twenty centuries, being able by faith to live those moments, the development of the Church has given to my soul such knowledge which they did not possess for not having received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, with the shepherds I go to the stable at Bethlehem and, knowing the reason why I am going there, I pierce the deep mystery that it is being taking place there, enlightened by the gifts of the Holy Spirit who kindles my faith. And at the very instant that the Word comes forth from Mary’s womb, I receive Him in my lap before She might place Him on the manger; because there was no one to receive Him, “Mary placed Jesus on the manger.” This sentence of the Gospel encloses a deep mystery: it was the Father’s will that Jesus be placed amongst straws to make us known that “He came to His own, and His own received Him not.”

My soul steps ahead of the shepherds and lives, in the most clear light of faith, that moment that only the angels could sense, of the birth of the Word of Life. At that very instant I open my soul for the Mother to place Him on my lap, and, in the silence proper of a bride, I take advantage of these moments in which my God made Man was eager to make us known His proclamation, and I receive Him on my lap. […]

To live…! What such a great joy my soul feels for being a Christian…! How wonderful is the dogma of my holy Church…! What happiness to live by faith, hope and charity, and what joy to know that, for a Christian who is living Christianity to the full, there is no time, or place, or distance, or centuries…! […]

Jesus had all things present ever since the moment of His conception till His ascension to Heaven. That is why what you may live now, at this moment, He then lived it and received it, experiencing the joy and comfort of seeing that He was being accompanied by your soul at every step of His life; and you experience the joy, not of having accompanied Him in a specific stage of His life only once, but rather, throughout all the moments of His lifetime, you can accompany Him at the manger, at Nazareth, during His public life, etc., something that those who were with Him at that time could not do, if they did not live by faith. […]

How happy is God…! And how blessed is he who living by faith, which is more certain than the midday glare of the sun, by hope and by charity; experiences in himself such a fullness of life that allows him to say: “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink” and he who hungers, let him come to me and eat; because “between the porch and the altar,” I have been filled with divine life, through my priesthood, and now there is in me a fountain welling up to eternal life!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “VIVIR”
(From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio)
Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God creates us looking at Himself in what makes Him be God”, recorded on July 9th, 1989 (press PLAY):


When I sigh for Eternity, it is not that I desire death, but I cry out for Life. Natural death means destruction, and God did not create me to die. That is why death, which is a consequence of sin, repels nature, as everything which is punishment. (8-10-65)
The contact with the Infinite fills the soul, and on being entirely filled with Him, we feel the need to make those around us share in our joy; because the divine love that pervades us, is an overflowing outpouring on all men.
God will grant me an Eternity to rejoice in Him in the infinite joy of His eternal possession, and He gives me some time to become a victim with Christ, living my priestly posture. (15-10-74)