The loving intimacy between God and the soul knows no limits. The Most High, who lives in His inaccessible mystery of infinite light, wants to communicate with us and He becomes Man. And He seeks to confide His loving secret to all souls.

The life of the spirit is the permanent falling-in-love of God with the soul and of the soul with God. This is the right pattern every enamoured soul should follow to reach the perfection of human love.


“I knew that You earnestly sought us
and that You want to find people in whom You can confide”

Your request in my chest

I have known that You, puffing search for us, and that You want confidants who may give rest to Your ever loving soul, overflowing with enkindled loves. […]

I have seen today, in a moment of loving romances, something sweet and painful which has wounded my heart: The beloved Master of my afflicted spirit is alone…!
pressed by urgencies of nostalgias and in melancholic oblivion of those He loves so much and who were chosen to be His confidants and to send them to show Him throughout the ages…!
waiting untiringly, in case one day, remembering Him, they would listen to Him, and know the loves so divine, that burn His innermost being, towards the consecrated people, due to the contained zeals of the Love of loves, who calls without being heard…!

You have told me, beloved Spouse, without words and without noise, in the so secret way that You have, to enter through the senses of my soul: To console Your sufferings…! to love You together with those of mine…! to listen to You in Your silences of stifled nostalgias…! Since You wish to disclose to me the secrets of the depth of Your pierced chest, which, wounded by so much love has bled, on account of Your sufferings…!

And to enter into secret; for You want, with the notes muted by the touching of mystery, reveal to me all that You contain in Your open heart, should someone want to enter in order to taste Your holdings…

But, if You keep silent, beloved Master, Jesus of mine, it is not for lack of words or desires of saying Yourself to the poor, tiny little and simple ones! it is because they are absent-minded without knowing how to grasp Your yearning, and “thus” make You rest while they repose for long hours, becoming one, there, in Your Bosom! […]

How much, in no time, have I understood so much…!

And I say: “in no time have I known,” because time did not count when, in a single second, I have understood Your mystery:
That You ask for consolation from me…? That I make reparation for the oversights of those who do not love You, and that I perceive the groaning of lacerated soul, leaning “thus” on Your chest, become one with my children…? […]

If I could express what today I have comprehended, when seeing Your sacred eyes looking, in the distance, for anointed ones, waiting for confidants who may gather Your groans…! […]

You made me Your confidant, a receiver chosen by You, contaiment of Your mysteries, so that, in my waiting, You give Yourself to me, according to my style, telling me all that You hold inside in petition of affection…! […]

I love you, Jesus

I love You, Jesus, because You are the centre of my existence, the whole of my life and the breathing, although now puffing, of my heart.

I love You, Jesus, in a love that is my entire life in loves of self-surrender, in renunciations loaded with sorrows, in nostalgias sealed by the secret, in urgencies that demand the extension of Kingdom by the conquest of Your eternal plans fulfilled throughout the ages by means of all those whom you chose for Yourself.

My existing, my living, my remaining silent, my struggling, my waiting and even my dying, is only love for the Jesus of my tabernacle, for the Spouse of my heart, for the Master of my youth, of my maturity and of my old age. […]

I love You, Jesus, as only You know and as, somehow, I also know it. And because I love You I am ready, with Your strength, to follow You always, and even to wait for You, if due to an impossibility You should thus ask me, however long the ages endure, in light or in darkness, in triumph or in apparent failure, in the company of those whom I love or in solitude without them all.

You alone are my all and, for me, in You and by You, all things have their strength, their sense and their reason for being. To seek in You and in all whom You have entrusted to me, to do Your will and give You glory, is the sole exigency of my enamoured heart and consecrated in total and unconditional self-surrender to Your infinite love from my youth, doing all that You request for me. […]

I already know, Jesus of my loves, about my struggles and conquests, about clear days and prolonged nights, about splendours of Glory on Tabor and devastating Gethsemanes. I have already enjoyed what is to rejoice at Your Life and to die for sake of being Church in constant destruction for the conquest of Your Kingdom. And I already know, above all, that my way of giving glory to You, which is the only thing that I seek after in my existence, is to cling in all and always with the greatest joy and the strength that I can, to that with Your will may be pointing out to me in my disposition, my posture and my life-style. Therefore, from the depth of my being, in the marrow of my spirit, I seek nothing but Your glory how and where You want me to be, even though I may die in the irresistible nostalgia for Your definitive encounter… […]

Thank You Jesus, because I love You this way, which is the glorious triumph of love in the destruction of a life as a loving response of my gift to Your love…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writings: “YOUR REQUEST IN MY CHEST” and “I LOVE YOU, JESUS”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 10)

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Chapel of the house of The Work of the Church in Navalperal de Pinares (Ávila – Spain)

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Accompanying Jesus in the Eucharist, and living with God in the soul”, recorded on March 11th, 1995 (press PLAY):

Lord, those who console You in the midst of Your desolation are the ones who only seek to console You even at the cost of their cruci¬fixion. (28-11-59)

Because I demand a pure love of immola¬tion and self-forgetfulness, I saw myself alone, and “I looked for comforters but found none.” (28-11-59)

The one who loves knows how to wait for Jesus to slumber peacefully in his soul; but the one who does not know anything about love, at the first slumber of the Bridegroom, runs away to look for other loves who do not sleep. (20-3-62)