To take part in the mission of the Mother Church is a great privilege, because it means that our work is the same of Christ even if each has a proper specific task concerning those who are close and far from us. Yet everyone, by divine vocation, is called to take part in this mission.

The mission of The Work of the Church is to fulfill the request engraved by the Lord on Mother Trinidad’s soul since 1959 , “Go and tell it, this is for everyone!” and ever since then, she has been wandering on earth seeking someone who can help her help the Church. Let it be you, yourself, one of those who joyfully lay down their life for the unknown, persecuted, slandered, glorious and banished Church in the hearts of many.



An excerpt of the book



The apostolic activity of The Work of the Church is very wide, varied and intense.

To make it known in a succinct manner, there is nothing better than to select some paragraphs of the last part of the theme “The Church, mystery of unity” written by MotherTrinidad on the 22nd of November 1968:

«The Work of the Church… comes for everyone and to bring up to date, in the warmth of the infinite Wisdom, the warm and living presentation of our very rich dogma. It comes to bring the warm theology, warmed up in love, showing the sparkling face of God, who manifests Himself in the splendorous face of the Great Christ of all ages.

The mission of The Work of the Church is totally apostolic… Collectively it wants to be a perennial manifestation of the mystery of the Church and, through its members, a living testimony of a profound Christianity in all places where these exercise their profession.

It runs the parishes that are entrusted to it; organizes in its Houses of Apostolate “The Plan of God in the Church” for priests, religious, and lay persons of every class and condition; it offers “Personal experiences of the Church” in religious communities, seminaries, schools, etc.; it goes to other parishes to give in them “Weeks of Church”; it works with children and youth throughout the year in the “youth Homes” of its apostolic centres or of the parishes; it organizes for them weekly formation meetings, “Days of youth guidance”, camping or walks to the mountain during the year, summer camping; and, for all sorts of people, talks, meetings, reunions, retreats…

The members of The Work of the Church, in the different fields and apostolic tasks, labour jointly, working together priests and lay people, even though each may do it with those of their own sex, age and state, priests attending to the spiritual needs of each one.

In our parishes we try to instruct everyone spiritually, in such a way that they may be aware of their Christianity and be charitable towards God and towards others, trying to solve all the spiritual and material problems of the parishioners. The priests fulfill their apostolic mission of helping in the formation of all; and lay men and women participate in this work, but joining as other lay people in their mission in relation to God and the world; as not only in their work hours do they exercise the individual and indirect apostolate, but also during their free time allowed by prayer and their job they dedicate themselves to the direct apostolate.

Our spirit, therefore, is the spirit of the Church, our life, hers, our specific mission, to help the Pope and the Bishops to discover, unravel and manifest the richness of this Holy Mother».

It would take a long chapter to explain, for example, what are the days of “The Plan of God in the Church”; how the youth of The Work of the Church work with children, youngsters and adolescents; how they organize a camping; what spirit they carry on in the different excursions and outings or the fruit they gather in “Days of youth guidance”.

It would be wonderful to see how lay people act in the “Personal experiences of the Church”, how they give, together with priests, the “Talks on the mystery of the Church” and how they intervene in “The Plan of God in the Church”.

And it would be tremendously stimulating to describe the apostolate that lay and priest are able to develop, working as a team in the parishes entrusted to TheWork of the Church.

Y el narrar el apostolado que son capaces de desenvolver seglares y sacerdotes, trabajando en equipo en las parroquias encomendadas a La Obra de la Iglesia, resultaría tremendamente sugestivo.

The day that it is discovered, it will astonish to see how unnoticed and simply the Lord realizes that which is so complex, difficult and sometimes impossible to human efforts.

“United in one same mission”. An extract from the writing:
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