What a Saturday of such glorious triumph! in which the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son, who at the same time is the Son of Man, opens by the fruit of His Redemption the sumptuous Gates of Eternity, closed since the earthly Paradise by the sin in rebellion of our First Parents; and the old floodgates are raised before the impetuous passing of irresistible power of the soul of God’s immolated Only Begotten Son, in triumph of glory. […]

semana-25-sabado-1Being heard in the heights of the wide limits of Eternity as though a hymn of triumph:

Welcome be the Man who with His five wounds has opened the Father’s Bosom!

All the promises of the Old Covenant of God and mankind have now been fulfilled, being Christ the fulfilled and finished Promise in glorious and definitive triumph of glory conquest, who enters into Eternity winner over sin and victorious over death.[…]

That is why today under the impulse of the Almighty and by the power of His grace, that, in the way that He alone knows, introduces me into His mysteries so that I may manifest them; I express a little –only of what is possible for me under the spiritual modesty of my soul-Church and as the Echo of this Holy Mother before going away with Christ to Eternity– of all that my soul lived and contemplated on the 28th of March of 1959, immersed in the mystery of the entrance of Christ’s soul into Glory, and sheltered in the Virgin’s lap under the protection of Her divine Motherhood, become one thing with Her, and overcome by the light of the contemplation of Mary.

Who transcended, in swift passing, as Queen and Lady, penetrated, surpassed by love, joy and adoration, into the mystery of the entrance of Christ’s soul, Her Son, into Eternity. […]

“Oh Mary…! She, at the moment when Jesus ascended to the Father, united to Her Son’s soul, partook in such overabundant and extolled manner, translimited by the joy of the Holy Spirit, of the happiness, glory and most blissful joy of the soul of God’s Only Begotten Son and Her Son entering into Eternity. […]Dolorosa_Anton_Rafael_Mengs

Mary was contemplating the entrance of the Son of God and Her Son into Heaven, while She dwelled on earth, as Mother of the Church, with the Apostles.

Today Heaven is in joyful celebration, because Jesus has entered into it and the glorious Church has begun; but the earth is in mourning because men have killed the Son of God, the Messiah Promised and announced by the holy Prophets, and the Apostles did not know the joy that He had, whereas Mary contemplated it full of ineffable joy, overwhelmed by the love of the Holy Spirit. And for that reason She rejoiced with Jesus and suffered with the Apostles; She rejoiced, as Mother of the Church, with the glorious Church, and suffered with the sorrowful and distressed Church.

How great and unknown is Mary in relation to the eternal designs of God upon Her…!”

“[…] Oh, what a great day…! What a great celebration…! […]

The Man is now in the Father’s Bosom rejoicing in God’s glory, as God and as Man…

Welcome be the Man to the Father’s Bosom…!; the Man who opened with His five wounds the Father’s Bosom by the shedding of His Divine Blood, as Immaculate Lamb, on the altar of the cross. […]

Oh! The Man far superior to the Angel…!

Oh…! The Angels adore the Man-God! And all are aflame with love, prostrate in adoration, burned of love before the wounded Man-God, who has been scoffed at…! […] All adore the Man-God who, by the shedding of His Blood, rescued fallen man, raising us, as First-born of mankind, to the dignity of being children of God in the Son and coheirs with Him and by Him of His same glory…! […]

Glory to God in Heaven…! The Father’s Bosom is now open to all the children of good will…! Never more shall it be closed…! Christ has opened it… and He is waiting for all men… He opened it and placed Himself at the ‘gate’ with the arms outstretched, so that the sumptuous main Gates of Eternity may never be closed again… […]

And since the Word is Man, the Man has an infinite merit and that is why the Man-God makes man son of God and heir to His glory; except the rebellious man who does not want to avail himself of His Blood, of His merits nor of His Redemption; but that rebellious man, if he comes to the Source of Life, will have all the graces of the true children. […]descent-into-hell-1

[…] The tearing of the veil of the temple is the symbol that Jesus with His death opened the Father’s Bosom, opening the majestic and sumptuous Gates in eternal joy of glory’s triumph, tearing the Father’s Bosom that was closed… And with His death the old law was broken in order to begin the New Covenant, promised to our First Parents, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, announced by the holy Prophets, where God will now live forever embracing man who lost Him by the original sin: ‘You shall be My People, and I will be your God.’

What a silence…! It is the silent joy of God…!

All Heaven is in silence, although it is celebrating on the glorious and triumphant day of the entrance of the soul of the First Man into the sumptuous mansions of Eternity. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “WELCOME BE MAN TO THE FATHER’S BOSOM!” (Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n.11)

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Jesus is the consummate perfection of God’s plan, announced to Abraham, the father of all nations, and proclaimed by the Holy Prophets of the Old Testament, in the manifestation of Infinite Love towards man and in the response of Infinite Love Himself, become man, towards God. (15-10-74)

The first priestly posture of Christ was mainly shown by receiving God in the Incarnation; the second, by responding to Him in His private life; the third, by giving life to us all in His immolation; and the fourth, in His resurrection, by bringing us with Him to the new life; even though in each and every moment of His life, Christ lives the four postures of His Priesthood. (12-1-67)

The death of Jesus was the supreme hymn of adoration of the creature who, before the Creator, responds in a blood-stained manifestation of reparation saying to the thrice Holy God: You alone are the One who are Yourself, and I am only through You, as man. And on taking upon myself the sins of all, I die as an act of recognition of Your excellence, and I rise from the dead as a manifestation that I am that same excellence atoned for by myself. (16-10-74)

The Word Incarnate, during His mortal life, was the suffering Christ who lived of Eternity; and now He is the glorious and eternal Christ who contains also in His soul the tragedy of all the ages. And, for this reason, He is the Great Christ, in the fullness of His Priesthood, who encloses within Himself Heaven and earth, Eternity and time, Divinity and humanity; He being Himself in Himself the Glorified One and the Glorifier, the Adored One and the Adoration, the Atonement and the One Atoned for. (4-4-75)

Jesus, in Heaven, is the bloodless Adoration who, in loving reciprocation, responds to Infinite Love who has been outraged by His creatures. (16-10-74)