The solemn priestly prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper is completely centred in unity. The unity of Jesus with the Father and the union of everyone with Him. Every time that Christ prayed with such intensity, He was having in mind also our present time and each one of us, with an ardent need that the mystery of His familial intercommunication of Trinitarian life might abide very deep within us.

Unless we do not become conscious that “the bosom of God is open” and that God is waiting in order to communicate His infinite life to us, our existence will not fulfil the loving designs of the divine Family on us.

“God is a mystery of unity
in familial intercommunication of trinitarian life”


How happy God is, who lives His life in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in the homeloving intercommunication of His Divine Family, in His infinite and eternal unnecessity that no one give Him, nor increase Him nor be able to take away from Him nor diminish His coeternal and essential glory, lived in Himself and for Himself, infinitely different and distant from all that is created…; being the Inaccessible, the Immutable, the Unshakable and the Untouchable: “I am Who am. This is My name forever; this is My title for all generations” (Ex 3, 14-15). […]

God is a mystery of unity so one, in Itself, by Itself and for Itself, in infinite subsistence of eternal self-sufficiency; that, although He is three divine Persons, is so one in His subsistent Divinity, that the three divine Persons are one sole being, one sole life, that each one is Itself so and lives Itself so in Its personal manner; […]

Because the Father begets the Son, whom He has in His bosom, the “Only Son, God, who is at the Father’s bosom” (Jn 1, 18), begetting Him and begotten, in the Son’s same bosom; since one same bosom, one same life and one sole being the Three are and have, been and lived in the personal manner of each one.

Therefore the Son, inside Himself is begotten by the Father Himself; and the Two, each one in Himself and in the other owing to Their being and owing to Their persons –which are the ones in the others–, breathe the Holy Spirit; who is the consubstantial Embrace of the Father and of the Son, in paternal-filial love breaking into returned kiss of trinitarian intercommunication.

All this trinitarian life being always realized in Eternity without time, by the divine Persons and in each one of the divine Persons, in a mystery of unity as one as it is of trinitarian intercommunication, in the recondite and veiled secret of Their unity of being; as exuberant in Its richness, as it is most simple in the coeternal simplicity of the divine Being, encompassed and lived by Him without beginning, without time and without decline, in one sole, coeternal and simultaneous act of life. […]

God is a mystery of unity lived in Himself, by Himself and for Himself!

Mystery of the One who Is, who, because of the simplicity of His being, is only known, in a likeness of loving wisdom, by the soul who, introduced into His nuptial Chamber and immersed in the recondite arcanum of the Being’s unity, savours, in enjoyable and most glorious savouring, the coeternal simplicity of the One who Is, been in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in His immutable act of life, of subsistent Divinity, infinitely different and distant from all that is not He. […]

Give me, Lord, to know how to savour You, in order to be able to know how to say You somehow with the human ways of the poor and weak limitation of my created speech; so that, transcending from the earthly things, we may be able to know and taste, in our limited understanding, something of how good and delightful is God to those who love Him, in the unfathomable mystery of His being, that “of eternal life tastes and all debt pays.” […]

I knowing, without knowing, Your eternal wisdom, understanding, without understanding –understanding in my poorness– due to my limited being, keeping transcending, this ever new science of Your divine understanding.

I need to plunge into Your inexhaustible being, in Your knowing Yourself Knowing of divine understanding; in order to say, without knowing, in Your Expressive Knowing, this knowing, not understanding, that, in Your knowing, I know myself!

Knowing of eternal savour, which, in my poor comprehending, leaving me transcending, I in You I know it, without knowing. […]

And all this which, because of the limitation of the human mind seems so complicated to our poor and limited grasp, not only because it does not know, but because it does not know how to manifest it, is in one sole infinitely most simple and most partless act of coeternal and infinite encompassment, without beginning, without succession of time and without end, owing to the sublime sublimity of the Infinite Being in a trinitarian intercommunication of Divine Family in that sole act of vital being; that, because in God there is not either before or after, He is been and consummated in His subsistent and divine instant of Eternity; and that, owing to the partlessness of His simplicity, does not fit into the mind of the human creature, subjected to time, distance, complication and place. […]

Therefore God is the sole God, who is so much Being, so infinitely transcendent and so eternally translimited for the human creature, that this one cannot only not glimpse, but, even less, explain; but is left with a savouring of Eternity, of sweetness and of joy, that makes it taste, in loving tasting, what God tastes like.

That is why, he who wants to know of the Infinite One, let him leave earthly things and devotes himself to a life of profound humility; let him seek the truth that is only in God, and he will know –from savouring–, without knowing, what He Who is Himself tastes like.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “GOD IS A MYSTERY OF UNITY IN FAMILIAL INTERCOMMUNICATION OF TRINITARIAN LIFE”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God has created us only for Him”, recorded on June 10th, 1990 (press PLAY):


The Father is the whole being, and so fruitfully He is Himself so, that in an infinite and fruitful jubilation of joy, when contemplating Himself, He begets; and He sings Himself such an infinite song of being, that His Word is that very song. And God so infinitely loves Himself in His Contemplation and in His Song, that a perfect and personal love emerges from both of Them, Who is the Holy Spirit. The Father sings Himself in His Word and loves Himself in the Holy Spirit. (21-6-59)
God acts as He lives and as He is, since, through the perfection of His great reality, He lives what He is, He is what He lives, and He acts as He lives and is. And since He is three divine Persons in one sole being, thus He acts in the Trinity’s most unique oneness, and what He lives inwardly is manifested when acting outwardly; and thus, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God hidden in Him from ages past is now made known to us. (9-1-65)
In the deepness of the bosom of my Divine Family, sunk into Its silence, from my lowliness, transcending, I love what I understand and I adore what remains for me to know. (18-12-60)