“We do witness today a growing sense of loss of meaning in some basic expressions that give shape to the inner feelings of our hearts: words like “falling in love,” “tenderness,” “hearts on fire,” are experiencing a loss in meaning and being almost reduced to merely earthly concepts. An attitude that has exacerbated the purely human dimension of such realities and has cast into the shadows the transcendent side of such concepts.

The reading of the following thoughts of Mother Trinidad will instil in us a special joy and will endow to these words a new lofty meaning. It’s all about the love between God and the soul, a love which is lived and expressed as the most sublime and real state of being in love. Such is the “madness” of Infinite Love and the response of the soul that loves God in return with “madness and frenzy”; a context which leads us to a deeper understanding of the biblical book of “Song of Songs” and to live out the first commandment of God’s law: “Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength .” This is indeed the true meaning of what being in love is, everything else is just a faint look-alike reality.

Tabernacle of the Chapel in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)



“What sweetness there is in my soul!”


What sweetness there is in the depth
of my sore chest…!
what a divine spring
in its flowing freshness…!

Nectar of rich perfumes
is the chest of my beloved,
where my being, captivated,
rises from the ground to the height.

Let all the things pass
without disturbing the rest
of my soul with its Spouse,
in intimate joyous union!

He kisses me… I kiss Him…;
and, in sweet returning,
both of us say love
without saying to one another anything but that.

But a love that is, in tenderness,
of so much beauty,
that has the soul captive
by its infinite beauty.

Leave my chest resting,
for God kisses on His passing
with such a tender capturing,
that His whole being is in joy.

Depth of my mysteries…!
Let the silence break out into songs
of sacred touchings
by the flying of my flight.

Because my soul runs so much
when it hears its Lover,
that it undertakes a fast flight
after the pace of Him whom it loves.

Silence, keep the secret
of my affected chest
that feels all swollen
in tenderness of the Immense.


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

         So many consecrated persons have lost the true sense of the supernatural, and, for that reason, they have turned into a source of scandal and the ruin of souls…! (17-12-76)

         What a pain I feel when I contemplate that a great part of the consecrated people, losing their supernatural outlook, has become disoriented filling with bitterness the heart of men, presenting to them a very week and material Christianity which, making them seek only earthly goods, separate them from the infinite Good! (17-12-76)

         Do you say that you love God and men, and you do not try to put in the hearts of those who surround you the desire for the supernatural, alone capable of filling with peace and charity, so that they may surrender to God and through Him to others? (17-12-76)

         Priest of Christ, consecrated soul, if you separate from the contact with God, you lose the supernatural outlook, and then you lead those that surround you to live only on perishable goods, without showing them the supreme Good who will make them happy for all Eternity. (17-12-76)

         Because you separated from the familial contact with Christ, your life was darkened, confusion invaded you, your chest was filled with bitterness; and, perhaps, without realizing it, you do the same to those that approach you. (17-12-76)

         Do you say that you want to give God to men…? How will you give them a God that you do not know because you did not try to find time to be with Him and, thus, penetrating His mind, know how you ought to live and act? (17-12-76)

         Are you consecrated to God? Think it over, because the treasure that the Lord has placed in your hands when He called you “that you might be with Him” and to send you to the others, is communicated to the small ones, specially at the feet of the Master in long times whiles of prayer. (17-12-76)

         You, who consecrated yourself to God, rise up from your spiritual lethargy, look at the Father’s Christ who asks for help, do not let yourself be dragged by the confusion that invades us, be brave, do not be afraid of the proud ones; God will come out in your defence, putting in your mouth all that you ought to say, if, living on Him and for Him, with a sincere heart and a clean soul you seek Him. (17-12-76)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia