Man said “no” to the Creator, man had no solution… yet, God said “I will make a man who in being true God may say “Yes” to me on behalf of all humanity.”
The Father tells the Word: “You will be the Man”.
What was “impossible” has become possible… God can look pleased now to this humanity because His only Son now responds to Him, as Head, for all of it….

Come and contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation guided by someone who has gone into the very depths of this mystery: Mother Trinidad.



Those who live by the Holy Spirit are brought to Mary, and She shows them in Her womb the secret of the Incarnation, where the Father speaks His life to mankind, through His Son, in the maternal virginity of the Lady. (22-12-74)

When God wanted to speak His infinite joy to me, the Word became flesh and, through Mary, He spelled it out to me in my holy Church with a Father’s heart and a Holy Spirit’s love. (25-9-63)

How great is this, God who, in His infinite capacity cannot be more than God, is made man…! And how great is that man becomes God! Incomprehensible mystery of infinite love! (7-3-67)

The day of the Incarnation…! An eminently priestly day, of thanksgiving and astonishment, because God did that which is incomprehensible out of love for Himself and for men. Mystery of ineffable tenderness and infinite splendour, of chilling simplicity and sovereign majesty! in front of which one can only adore trembling out of love and respect. Day of the Incarnation: God is Man, and Man is God! (4-4-75)

The Incarnate Word embraces, in the reality of His two natures, Eternity and time, divinity and humanity, the creature and the Creator, in such a perfect union that, in being Himself Heaven and earth, He has no other person than the divine one. (15-10-74)

Christ is so extremely wonderful, that He Himself is the Anointing and the Anointed; the Anointing as God, and the Anointed as man, having everything fulfilled in Him through the overflowing and transcendent fullness of the Incarnation. (15-10-74)

In the mystery of the Incarnation are gathered all the mysteries of Christ’s life, because it contains within itself the gift of God to man and the grafting of man into God; being thus manifested and consummated that very gift through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, according to the Father’s will, by the impulse and love of the Holy Spirit. (12-1-67)

The Incarnation is the loving act of God, full of compassion and infinite mercy, pouring Himself over man in the womb of the Virgin by His redeeming will. (27-3-62)

Thank you, Lord, because You became man and, therefore, are capable of suffering, dying, rising and even staying for all time in the Eucharist, prolonging the whole mystery of the gift of Your love in the Church through the priesthood. (4-4-75)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia