Life, with its rapid succession of days and nights, is nothing else but the long night of this life. A night that goes by unwinding one hour after another between dreams and nightmares as we eagerly long for and look forward to the endless day of Eternity.

We invite anyone to taste and savour the following thoughts from Mother Trinidad. They are like the breaking dawn announcing the great Day without nights, on which day, if we are faithful, we will also be “forever with God!”


One day we will forever go to Eternity… What sweet hope! Forever… face to face with God! A dream of love in fullness of conquest…! (8-1-75)

When God appears with His infinite light and tells you: Church, come to Me, then, as the one who wakes from a terrible nightmare, you will be able to say: “I am in Eternity, and this is forever!” (14-1-67)

If the encounter with God fills the soul in the exile up to the very marrow of its being, what will the complete and definitive encounter in the eternal light of the bright day be like? (24-7-70)

When night will be over and the eternal day will dawn, then we will be able to say: We are not dreaming, we are in Eternity! (14-1-67)

A day will come on which the night will exist no more, on which the “In-principium” will fulfil your end; and that will be the day of Eternity. (14-1-67)

In Eternity, in order to live on God, we are out of time, we live in a way which is distinct and distant from here, in the eternal dawn of the Sun without shadows, In the Beginning without beginning. In… God forever, forever! (17-4-67)

Time is over! The end has come…! God forever looking upon me and being looked upon by me: This is Eternity… (14-1-67)

Eternity is the never-ending day of prayer of savoury nourishment, lived in the company of the Divine Family in full light. (31-1-67)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia