22 12, 2020



« The Word Incarnate, during His mortal life, was the suffering Christ who lived of Eternity; and now He is the glorious and eternal Christ who contains also in His soul the tragedy of all the ages. And, for this reason, He is the Great Christ, in the fullness of His Priesthood, who encloses within Himself Heaven and earth, Eternity and time, Divinity and humanity; He being Himself in Himself the Glorified One and the Glorifier, the Adored One and the Adoration, the Atonement and the One Atoned for. »

3 12, 2020



«Mary’s Advent...! Mother...! You had the Word of Life in your bosom for You, for You to love Him and for Him to love You. You lived happily in that intimacy and communication with the infinite Word in your innermost being. But, participating in the divine will, oblivious of yourself, You burned in terrible longings for that Word, who had “jumped” from the Father’s bosom to your bosom, to “jump” from your bosom to men in order to give Him to us as a Host that, offered by You to the Father, might be our salvation and sanctification.»

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